LVN Resume Objective Examples

Updated on April 23, 2019

Before you begin writing an objective statement on your LVN resume, find out exactly what it is that you are applying for.

If you think that you can interchange the job description of an RN (registered nurse) and an LVN (licensed vocational nurse), think again – because you cannot.


If you are an LVN, there is no way you can write a resume objective that is similar to that of what an RN will write.

Your resume objective needs to define you and not someone who has similar job traits. As an LVN, you will be reporting to an RN so it is obvious that you cannot do the same things as the latter can – yet!. Clear? Great! Now let us move on to how to write a resume objective.

There is only one thing that you need to do when writing a resume objective – and that is research. A thorough understanding of what the work is all about and how you intend to contribute to the facility is what is most important.

As an LVN, your core responsibilities are to provide bedside care to patients. You cannot create health plans – that will come as and when you gain experience.

The essence of your resume objective has to be in sync with what you can offer to the employer. Here are a few examples of resume objectives for an LVN position:


Sample Objectives for LVN Resume

• Patient-focused nursing professional seeking a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Kindred Healthcare. Track record of effectively implementing physician’s orders by providing dedicated bedside care to patients.

• Looking for a Licensed Vocational Nurse position at Correct Care Solutions employing compassion and nursing expertise to provide appropriate care to patients.

• Desire a Licensed Vocational Nurse position at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center. Offering demonstrated expertise in assisting patient care teams in implementing medical plans of care effectively and methodically.

• To work for Stratford Living in the role of a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Offering proficiency in prioritizing patient healthcare to ensure administration of appropriate healthcare plans.

• To contribute to the success of AAA Healthcare as an LVN through expertise in identifying the needs and responses of patients and assisting them in maintaining their quality of life.

• Seeking a Licensed Vocational Nurse position at Balor Scott and White Health. Enthusiastic to apply adeptness at providing bedside care to patients in accordance with medical procedures and facility policies.

• Looking for a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse with Kaiser Permanente. Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and participate with the healthcare team to ensure the provision of exceptional healthcare services.

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