Top 20 LVN Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: May 12, 2023

The objective statement is the most important part of the LVN (licensed vocational nurse) resume because it has a lot of information about the skills and passion of the applicant.

Before you begin writing an LVN career objective, find out exactly what are the expectations of the employer. You can do so by viewing the LVN job description provided by the recruiter. After finding the employer’s requirements you will be in a better position to craft your objective statement by mentioning your relevant traits.

Here are a few career objective examples for an LVN resume:

20 Sample Objectives for LVN Resume

Experienced Licensed Vocational Nurse Objectives

1. Compassionate nursing professional seeking a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Kindred Healthcare. Enthusiastic to provide dedicated bedside care to patients. Current LPN license by the State Board of Nursing.

2. Looking for a Licensed Vocational Nurse position at Care Solutions, using compassion and nursing expertise to provide appropriate care to patients.

3. Enthusiastic to work for Park Regional Medical Center in the capacity of a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Eager to leverage my expertise in implementing medical care plans effectively and methodically.

4. To work for Stratford Living in the role of a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Offering proficiency in prioritizing patient healthcare to ensure the administration of appropriate healthcare plans.

5. To contribute to the success of AAA Healthcare as an LVN. Bringing 8+ years of experience in providing medications and treatments consistent with standards of care to provide excellent nursing care for patients and residents.

6. Seeking a Licensed Vocational Nurse position at Balor Scott and White Health. Enthusiastic to apply adeptness at providing bedside care to patients in accordance with medical procedures and facility policies.

7. Looking for a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse with Kaiser Permanente. Energetic to work cooperatively and participate with the healthcare team to ensure the provision of exceptional healthcare services.

8. Patient care-focused nursing professional, seeking a position as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at Windsor Healthcare. Bringing skills in providing exceptional bedside care to patients to recognize patients’ conditions and provide effective remedies.

9. Highly-motivated Licensed Vocational Nurse, looking for a position with Dignity Health where my extensive experience in long-term care will be fully utilized to ensure the well-being and comfort of patients.

10. Seasoned LPN eager to work for ABC Clinic. Bringing a strong focus on providing patients with the highest levels of medical care to ensure that their medical and comfort needs are met.

11. A passionate and dedicated healthcare professional, seeking a Licensed Vocational Nurse position at Kindred Healthcare. Offers 6 years’ hands-on experience in healthcare plan regulations and direct patient care in an intense medical environment, to provide care in keeping with the scope of nursing practice.

13. Compassionate and diligent Licensed Vocational Nurse poised to work for Trinity Healthcare to bring quality and effectiveness to clinical practice. Known for dealing with patients, families, and healthcare staff with dignity and respect. ACLS and BLS Certified.

14. Strong desire to obtain a Home Health LVN position at XYZ Healthcare. Leveraging a 7-plus-year track record of administering medication, reconstitution of powdered drugs, sterile drapes, and tube feeding.

New Graduate LVN Resume Objectives (No Experience)

15. New Graduate Vocational Nurse looking to contribute to St. Anthony’s Healthcare. Bringing exceptional knowledge of implementing individualized healthcare plans in accordance with patients’ varying conditions. Well-versed in assisting licensed healthcare professionals in minor surgical procedures and diagnostic exams.

16. To work as a Licensed Vocational Nurse for Yoh Healthcare Services. Offers skills in implementing individualized care plans to ensure constant efficacy.

17. New Grad LVN poised to provide personal attention, professional insight, and a generosity of spirit to patients at ABC Healthcare by employing both medical knowledge and empathy.

18. Seeking a New Graduate LVN position at Ballinger Nursing & Rehab Center to deliver exceptional nursing care with integrity and compassion.

19. To work for Innovation Health in the capacity of a Licensed Vocational Nurse. Bringing compassion, diplomacy, and strong communication skills to shape the culture in the workplace.

20. Looking forward to joining the nursing team of Quality Nursing Las Vegas in the capacity of a New Graduate LPN. Poised to play a critical role in fostering an environment of service excellence for all those I will be privileged to serve.

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