Nursing Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: May 31, 2019

Do you remember the first time you wrote a resume for the nursing attendant position?

Resumes have changed tremendously over the last few years. Acceptable formats and information are no longer so.


Hiring managers now require a lot more from a candidate than mere information about education and experience.

The reason that resumes are now so complicated to write is the fact that competition has increased, and employers need to pick out the best.

Look at the following sample resume to get a better idea of how to craft your resume.


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Nursing Attendant Resume Sample


Jemima Folks
45 Spring Road, Colorado Springs, CO 93021
(000) 901-4702
[email protected] .com


Patient care looks effortless. I take care of patients and residents flawlessly.

7+ years of experience working in all aspects of patient care in dedicated rehabilitation facilities. Highly compassionate, with a solid track record of functionally rehabilitating patients. Effectively assists patients with daily activities, provides them with moral and emotional support, and follows dedicated rehabilitation plans to ensure their quick recovery. Known to motivate others to achieve the best results.

Professional Skills

✓ Basic Grooming
✓ Basic Life Support
✓ Patient Assessment
✓ Housekeeping Support
✓ Mobility Assistance
✓ Vital Signs Recording
✓ Emergency Intervention
✓ Reporting/Recordkeeping
✓ Therapeutic Support
✓ Patient Positioning
✓Sanitation Protocols
✓ Nutrition Management


Nursing Attendant
SAVA SENIOR CARE, Colorado Springs, CO | 8/2014 – Present

• Refer to assigned patients’ care plans and devise personal care activities accordingly
• Assist patients with personal services such as toileting, washing, bathing, and grooming
• Ensure that assigned patients’ surroundings are safe and conducive to positivity enhancement
• Administer medication on designated times and ensure that this information is properly logged
• Take and record patients’ vital signs, paying special attention to any hikes and spikes
• Observe fluid and food intake and ensure that it is properly logged in the patient’s chart
• Develop and maintain nurturing relationships with patients, counseling them when required
• Report any significant changes in the behavior or condition of assigned patients to the doctor

Selected Accomplishments

• Created a range of nutritional meal plans, which were easily customizable according to individual patient’s requirements.
• Successfully rehabilitated all 150 patients under care, by providing dedicated care and assistance to them.

Nursing Aide
REHABILITATION HOME, Colorado Springs, CO | 1/2012 – 8/2014

• Assisted patients with mobility, and provided them support with toileting, washing, and grooming
• Provided companionship to assigned patients, ensuring their comfort and wellbeing at all times
• Provided patients with medication on time and recorded their food and fluid intake
• Monitored patients for signs of distress and reported any significant changes to the nursing or medical staff
• Cleaned patients’ rooms, changed bed linen and ensured that their surroundings were safe and secure

Selected Accomplishments

• Saved the life of a patient who self-administered a dangerous dose of medicine, while on another nursing attendant’s watch.
• Introduced the concept of extracurricular activities for patients, making their lives more cheerful during their stay in the facility.


Coursework in Nursing Assisting
Community College, Colorado Springs, OH | 2011

High School Diploma
Springs High School, Colorado Springs, OH | 2009

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