Shipping and Receiving Manager Resume


Resumes that have the “blending” quality seldom make it past the first stop. Writing a resume by following the norms ends up in your resume being filed or trashed. And a filed or trashed resume never brings results. What does bring results is a resume that stands out from the crowd, providing prospective employers with all the right reasons to hire you.

Significant bearing to the job description is important in resume writing. Here is what your resume should look like:


Shipping and Receiving Manager Resume


Jessica Ellis

5210 W Creek Road ● Nampa, ID 27000 ● (000) 514-3232 ● jessicaellis @ email . com


SUMMARY: Well-organized and quality-minded person with extensive exposure to shipping and receiving methods and challenges within a warehouse setting. Deep insight into supervising and coordinating the activities of personnel engaged in both shipping and receiving work to ensure smooth warehouse operations.

• Strengths include ability to determine space requirements and positioning of shipments in appropriate storage areas, along with ensuring the overall safe ty of received items
• Effectively able to determine routing and legal load limits of shipping vehicles to ensure that they meet weight limit standards
• Proven record of efficiently and accurately determine precision of received items by comparing them with original work orders
Demonstrated ability to accurately fill customers’ orders according to set SOPs and ensure timely delivery


Space Allocation Timely Deliveries
Equipment Maintenance Order Processing
Inbound Freight Management Transit Time Management
Load Limits Awareness  Specifications Compliance
Inventory Management Quality Control
Shipment Positioning Optimum Resource Utilization


CONTINENTAL CARBON, Nampa, ID (6/2012 to Present)
Shipping and Receiving Manager

• Look through work orders to determine and separate shipping and receiving tasks of the day
• Create staff schedules and ensure that each staff member follows them properly
• Assign shipping and receiving tasks to each warehouse worker, depending on his or her ability to cope
• Supervise both shipping and receiving activities to ensure conformance to work orders and company protocols
• Oversee incoming and outgoing shipments to ensure accuracy and completeness of shipments
• Determine space requirements for stored items and received ones and ensure that sufficient space is allocated to each category
• Handle routing and legal load limits of outbound shipments to ensure that they conform to the state’s legal load requirements
• Inspect loading and unloading activities to make sure that they are in compliance with shipping and receiving specifications
• Prepare bills of lading and post weight and shipping charges according to shipment specifications

Key Accomplishments
• Streamlined receiving processes by implementing step by step modules, which also resulted in a decrease in time spent in transit
• Overhauled the existing inventory system which increased its efficiency by 55%
• Put in place quality control standards (according to established procedures of the company) which increased order efficiency by 88%
• Deciphered a nefarious activity in the warehouse which could have cost the company its license by actively looking out for negative goings on through exceptionally well-placed vigilance skills

UNITED NATURAL FOODS, Nampa, ID (1/2010 to 5/2012)
Shipping and Receiving Clerk

• Picked items from storage areas in accordance to the specifications on work orders
• Transported items to the packaging area and ensured that it was safely packed / boxed and labeled with item and batch number information
• Ascertained that packed items were properly loaded in the delivery vehicle and stacked properly
• Received incoming shipments and assisted in unloading them from delivery trucks
• Ascertained that received items were in accordance to the orders specified
• Transported received items to designated spaced assigned for their storage

High School Diploma

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