Shipping and Receiving Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 3, 2019

A cover letter for a Shipping and Receiving Clerk Resume or job application is not just a tool to emphasize your most prominent qualifications, skills, experiences, and achievements, but also for capturing the reader’s notice in you and your resume, and your willingness to work for their organization.

It should inspire the employer to call you and schedule an interview.


For that reason, when writing your Shipping and Receiving Clerk Cover Letter, keep the employer’s viewpoint in mind. S/he is interested in what worth you would contribute to the organization (not in how the position would help you).

Before writing a Shipping and Receiving Clerk cover letter, research the industry, company and job description. Your cover letter should show that you know something regarding the organization – and not apparent details.

Use the job description as a starting point for writing your cover letter and draw connections concisely between yourself and the position.



Shipping and Receiving Clerk Cover Letter Example


John Doe
51 6th Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 65414
(000) 878-9896
[email protected]

May 3, 2019

Ms. Christine Anderson
Human Resources Manager
35 Some Street
Hillsboro, OR 65224


Dear Ms. Anderson:

This letter is in reference to the Shipping and Receiving Clerk position that was listed on your website last week. I am familiar with nLIGHT’s recent growth and confident that my skills and qualifications will be beneficial to your company.

I am eager to utilize my experience and knowledge of concepts, practices, and procedures within the shipping and receiving field while working as a Shipping/Receiving Clerk.

Mainly, I am highly skilled in:

  • Receiving incoming merchandise, component material, and RMA’s from customers in keeping with the material acceptance process
  • Ensuring accurateness of receiving by verifying vendor, merchandise quantity received, and serial/lot information in compliance to purchase orders
  • Entering vendor data in the computer system and label materials
  • Assembling orders and arrange finished products for shipment
  • Reporting and maintaining consignment data for all shipments
  • Reporting damages and difference for accounting, reimbursement and record-keeping purposes
  • Replacing materials located in the production area inside the clean room

Furthermore, I work well under the extreme pressure of work and have a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines. My past experiences have prepared me to work further than the typical forty-hour week to maximize efficiency and achieve success. I am enthusiastic to use my abilities to contribute to your bottom line.

My resume is enclosed for your review, and your consideration of my credentials would be very much appreciated. I will call you in the week of May 10 to follow up. If you require additional information to support my candidacy, please feel free to contact me.



John Doe


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