Records Clerk Resume Sample [+Job Description & Skills]

Updated on: April 30, 2023

Records clerks are hired in many industries including the healthcare industry, where the need to hire them is the highest.

The primary work of a records clerk is to make sure that records are confidentially and adequately maintained, ensuring that they are constantly updated according to the facility’s guidelines.

Typically, records clerks spend the major part of their day working on a computer, punching in information, updating records, and processing requests for information retrieval.

In addition to the obvious duties of a records clerk, an individual working in this position may be asked to handle some office work such as managing correspondence, operating a telephone line system, and handling reception duties.

In order to write a perfect resume for a records clerk position, you have to read the records clerk job description first. Then mention your skills and experiences that are highly relevant to the needs of the employer.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the type of information that a records clerk’s resume holds is something that persuades the hiring manager to call you in an interview. Something like the following example:

Sample Resume for Records Clerk Position

Clarence Baker
Glen Cove, NY
(000) 784-5322
cla.bake @ email . com


High performing Records Clerk with 7 years of extensive experience in performing specialized clerical duties including recordkeeping, and managing forms and information. Actively responded to inquiries regarding informational retrieval from assigned file systems, increased efficiency by 50%. Able to create, maintain and update files and records according to established protocols.

✓ File Maintenance ✓ Records Retrieval
✓ Charts Processing ✓ Inventory Maintenance
✓ Indexing ✓ Data Safety
✓ Statistical Support ✓ Documents Sorting
✓ Data Updating ✓ Documentation
✓ Category Development ✓ Data Conversion


  • Implemented a novel data conversion process that took 65% less time in converting information to different formats, than the one already in use.
  • Introduced an efficient indexing system, which proved to be highly useful when retrieving requested data.
  • Processed over 100 records in one shift, in the absence of 2 other records clerks.


Records Clerk
Claire Health System, Glen Cove, NY
6/2020 – Present

  • Develop new document categories and fields for storage and work with records coordinators to determine departmental needs
  • Collect, sort, prepare and scan documents, and ensure that they are properly labeled
  • Enter all documents into the system, ensuring that each field is accurately punched in
  • Convert documents into various formats to ensure smooth transfer between systems
  • Process requests for information retrieval, ensuring that the requester possesses the right to request
  • Ensure that all records and information are properly stored, in a confidential and safe manner
  • Provide backup to all stored information to ensure that there is no data loss at any time
  • Operate and maintain scanning equipment by running calibration tests and performing basic maintenance

Records Management Clerk
Sava Health Services, Glen Cove, NY
2/2015 – 6/2020

  • Collected files and information from different sources and ensured that they were delivered to the records department
  • Assisted records clerks in sorting out information and categorizing it properly
  • Provided support in punching information into predefined systems, ensuring accuracy throughout
  • Assisted in retrieving requested information by looking through systems and pulling out records
  • Handled scanning and printing work, and ensured that all office equipment was properly cleaned and maintained

High School Diploma
St. Paul’s High School, Glen Cove, NY

Records Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Here is a list of some general duties that a records clerk is required to perform. You can use some of these job description statements in the EXPERIENCE section of your resume.

  • Sort provided information and ensure that it is correctly indexed so that it can be punched into the system
  • Perform data entry duties to punch information into predefined records databases
  • Check each field at least twice to ensure that punched-in information is accurate
  • Change any incorrect fields determined during the checking system, to ensure data integrity
  • Update information in the system as and when required, ensuring that records are kept updated continuously
  • Check requests for records retrieval, ensuring that the requester possesses the right to obtain requested information
  • Retrieve required information and hand it to requesters on disks or provide hard copies, depending on which is required
  • Ensure that all information within the system is kept safe and confidential by implementing core security systems
  • Back up all information in the database regularly, to ensure that any system crash does not affect the records system
  • Scan paper documents to convert them into electronic form, before punching them into the database
  • Ensure that all scanning and printing equipment is properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis

Records Clerk Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Developing new document categories
  • Records management
  • Collecting, sorting, preparing, and scanning documents
  • Labeling documents
  • Preparing files and records
  • Punching data into the computer system
  • Converting documents to various formats
  • Post-scanning quality assurance
  • Organizing and numbering boxes of physical records
  • Updating and maintaining records in an accurate and confidential manner
  • Processing data retrieval requests
  • Conducting quality control activities
  • Ensuring the integrity of data
  • Coding and sequencing data
  • Files Maintenance
  • Records Retrieval
  • Indexing
  • Data Security
  • Documents Sorting
  • Category Development
  • Data Conversion

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service
  • Interpersonal
  • Teamwork
  • Sense of Urgency
  • ABility to follow instructions

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