Records Management Clerk Resume Sample

Updated October 24, 2022
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A records management clerk is hired by an organization that requires its data to be handled in an appropriate manner. The main work of a person working in this role is to make sure that all data that a company possess is properly handled and stored.

They ensure that the records management systems of a company are accurately maintained and that retrieval requests are handled according to company policies.

To work as a records management clerk, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

In addition to this, you have to possess exceptional data entry skills and the ability to multitask effectively.

Working in this capacity means that you will be working with sensitive data, which is why you have to be extra careful in performing your duties.

A few years of experience in data entry and advanced knowledge of using standard records management systems are prerequisites.

Effective customer service and communication skills are also required if you want to work in this position.

Working as a records management clerk means that you will be working with a lot of information that is complex in nature. You will need to know how to manage information so that its accuracy is not compromised.

Before venturing to write a records management clerk resume, make a list of all that you have done and achieved in the past. This way, you will be able to write your resume in a more articulate manner, allowing the information to remain structured throughout.

Job Description for Records Management Clerk Resume

• Assess each department’s requirements for records management and provide viable solutions according to company protocol.
• Prepare records by collecting, sorting, analyzing, and processing data to make it system-ready.
• Scan manual records to make them ready for punching into the system.
• Perform data entry activities to punch records into predefined systems.
• Research, collate, and scan certificates so that they can be effectively managed.
• Convert documents to various formats and assist in transferring data between systems.
• Provide post-scanning quality assurance to ensure that information batches are complete and accurate.
• Create and maintain manual files of information and ensure that the same data is documented as a backup.
• Maintain updated files, complete forms, and add new files to archives.
• Modify and purge entries and ensure that any inconsistent data is identified and handled according to protocol.
• Respond to requests for information retrieval after verifying the purpose of the request.
• Ensure that all electronic media storage devices including hard drives are properly cared for and maintained.
• Create finding guides and labels and handle file indexing duties according to the specifications provided by the supervisor.

Here is a sample resume for the records management clerk position.

Records Management Clerk Resume Sample

Kristin Stuart
789 Caribou Drive
Youngstown, OH 67033
(000) 521-8547
krisst @ email . com

Records Management Clerk

Accomplished, results-driven records clerk with 12+ years of experience in determining the records management needs of the company and providing efficient correlating solutions. Highly skilled in developing new document categories and fields to meet the company’s storage needs.A great multitasker with the ability to handle sensitive information with care and confidentiality.

• System Conversions • Data Integrity
• System Development • Quality Assurance
• Information Retrieval • Electronic Storage
• Data Collection • Cross-referencing


• Replaced the old records management system with a novel one, decreasing records retrieval time by 75%.
• Successfully determined 5 departments’ requirements for records management and provided efficient solutions.
• Singlehandedly implemented a series of modules to check and ensure the integrity of destination data.
• Introduced the concept of backup systems, making data more secure than it was before.


Records Management Clerk
CACI, Youngstown, OH
11/2017 – Present
• Determine department needs for records management by engaging department heads in conversation
• Provide verbal solutions and suggestions to assist department heads regarding available solutions
• Assist in the transportation of boxed documents between destinations, placing special value on their security
• Collect, sort, analyze, and scan documents to ensure that they are ready to be punched into the system
• Ensure that the destination data is in sync with the source data in terms of integrity and accuracy
• Create and implement data backup systems to ensure data security in the event of crashes
• Respond to requests for data retrieval after verifying the purpose of the request
• Assist in transferring data between systems, ensuring that their accuracy and integrity are maintained

Data Entry Clerk
T Solutions Inc., Youngstown, OH
2/2010 – 11/2017
• Followed directions to collect and sort data to ensure that it is in good form for entry
• Performed data entry activities to ensure that information is properly punched into the system
• Checked system entries to ensure that information is valid and accurate
• Created backup systems to ensure data retrieval in case of system crashes
• Managed manual and electronic filing systems, ensuring that both are in sync with each other

High School Diploma
Youngstown High School, Youngstown, OH – 2009

• Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
• Project Tracking
• Internet Research
• Data entry: 50 WPM