Child Care Aide Skills for Resume

Updated on July 7, 2017

Resumes are documents that are so comprehensive that a lot of information in them is often ignored. This is because a lot of applicants place useless information in their resume, in hopes of presenting a document that is “big”, for lack of another suitable word.

Big resumes may not be usable ones. One thing that should be present in all good resumes is a well-structured skills section, which makes it truly big.

Skills information is vital to providing hiring managers with something to base their hiring decisions on. When a skilled person applies for a child care job, s/he is usually given more preference over experienced ones (who may not be too skilled, or have not bothered mentioning how skilled they are.) This works best if you are looking for a situation where you can be immediately called in for an interview, or better yet, asked to join!

However, convincing a hiring manager through one section on your resume is difficult. This is why it is important to make sure that the skills part of your resume gels in well with the information that you have provided in the rest of the resume.

The skills section should automatically drip down to the experience part, highlighting how well you used your abilities to gain experience, and to contribute to an organization’s cause.

Here are some skills statements for child care aide resume to help you decide how to word your own:

Sample Skills for Child Care Aide Resume


• Highly skilled in establishing a nurturing and respectful relationship with children, and providing activities that enhance each child’s self-concept and social skills

• Effectively able to establish a positive learning environment, by providing a variety of activities aimed at promoting children’s physical skills, emotional abilities and creative expression

• Provides assigned children with physically and emotionally safe environments by following specified protocols and regulations

• Hands-one experience in integrating positive guidance techniques, including communicating expectations, providing children with realistic choices, and redirecting inappropriate behavior

• Track record of success assisting lead teachers in implementing lesson plans to meet the individualized needs of each child

• Well-versed in documenting each child’s daily progress and preparing correlating reports for assessment purposes

• Competent in assisting in the supervision of children groups and individual children, to ensure their safety and wellbeing

• Qualified to instruct children on personal habits such as eating resting and toilet training

• Actively organizes and participates in physical activities such as games, sports, dance and self-defense techniques