Records Clerk Cover Letter Sample & Guide

Updated on: December 25, 2020

One of your main documents when applying for a records clerk position is the cover letter. Through this, the hiring manager will decide what your core abilities and skills are.

Writing a solid cover letter to obtain a records clerk position is highly important if you want to bag the job. In it, you must focus on your ability to collate and verify data, and knowledge of data security. Also, your cover letter should highlight your expertise in creating backups, and managing other important aspects of records management work.

In order to help you in writing a solid cover letter to apply for a records clerk position, take a look at the following sample:

Sample Cover Letter for Records Clerk Resume

Simon Dodge
(000) 212-2585
[email protected]

December 25, 2020

Mr. Jason Masters
Human Resources Manager
Miller’s Station
221 Yet Road
Houston, TX 21002

Dear Mr. Masters:

It is with great enthusiasm that I am applying for a records clerk position at Miller’s Station. Upon seeing your advertisement and the corresponding requirements, I could not help but match my qualifications and experience with your needs.

I have worked as a records clerk for over 8 years. During this time, I have performed a plethora of work processes related to this role. My most comprehensive accomplishment includes reinventing the entire records management system within 7 days, resulting in increased data management efficiency.

Specifically, my skills include the following:

  • Demonstrated expertise in processing applications as well as filing records.
  • Able to perform data entry work in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Well versed with electronic storage media, and using equipment to convert physical data.
  • Documented success in confidentially storing information, and ensuring authorized retrieval.

In addition to the information provided here, I would like to highlight my ability to work in a specialized clerical position concerning data and information, which has gained much mileage in the past. Since I have been chosen to work on a data management system by a government agency quite recently, I am sure that you can trust my suitability for this position.

In view of my skills and experience being a perfect match for your requirements, I feel that we should meet to further discuss this position. I will be in touch with you to determine a suitable time to meet in person. Until then, you may reach me at (000) 212-2585.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Simon Dodge

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