Document Control Clerk Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 26, 2022

Document control clerks work across many industries – wherever there is a need for information handling, there is also a need for document control clerks.

Using a variety of organization-specific database and classification systems, document control clerks handle the very important work of categorizing, filing, and retrieving documents.

Their main goal is to make sure that records are kept orderly and that any obsolete records (or information) are discarded so that they do not take up valuable space.

Sample Job Duties for Document Control Clerk Resume

• Confer with document originators to understand document control needs.

• Gain access to records and determine appropriate ways of recording them.

• Compile and maintain records and related files such as blueprints, drawings, and documents.

• Examine records to ensure their integrity and completeness.

• Handle data management duties such as reviewing and coding documents.

• Analyze documents to appropriate statistical coding.

• Input data into databases and prepare documents for electronic imaging.

• Operate micrographic equipment including digital scanners and archive readers to assist readers.

• Retrieve document data and information in databases and code information into computer records.

• Take and verify requests for the retrieval of records and information and respond to requests as deemed appropriate.

• Perform minor repair and maintenance on micrographic equipment.

• Purge hard copy of files according to approved procedures.

• Develop, design, and maintain systems for filing and retrieving records.

• Determine workflow priorities and develop and implement clerical procedures.

• Assist in projects such as information gathering and research work.

• Reproduce and distribute documents on special requests of staff members.

• Ensure that all records and files are properly labeled and categorized.

Job Requirements

While a high school diploma or a GED is usually the only requirement to work as a document control clerk, some employers prefer that the people they hire possess some prior experience.

Seemingly, document control is easy, but it is quite cumbersome and requires a lot of expertise.

There are several community colleges and vocational schools that offer office management courses, of which document handling is a significant part. If you have taken up such a course, you are in luck as far as employer favor goes!


While some employers may require the people they hire at this post to be knowledgeable about that specific industry, document control clerks are usually not really trained in any one specific industry.

Of course, knowing about the industry that you specifically work in does help somewhat.