Best File Clerk Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: November 20, 2020

A good resume for a file clerk position contains five parts, i.e., objective/summary, qualifications and skills, accomplishments, work experience, and education.

If you get these right, you have nothing to worry about. Adding anything more or deleting one of these may shift the balance of a resume. So if you want to write a file clerk resume that communicates who you are, use the following particular resume format.

Sample Resume for File Clerk Position

Carl Fisher
799 Lackawanna Street, Wayland, NY 55891
(000) 187-2015
[email protected]


Offers strong attention to detail and the ability to multitask in a team-oriented busy environment.

Extremely organized and disciplined File clerk with 20+ years’ extensive experience in filing records, coding and retrieving files, and managing databases and records. Proven record of organizing paperwork and filing systems along with a great ability to digitalize documents appropriately. Sorts files by following a predefined pattern such as alphabetical, numerical, or alpha-numerical. A sensible individual who is known for working collaboratively with all levels of the office staff.

– File Systems Development
– Data Entry
– Information Classification
– Information Retrieval
– Identification Codes
– File System Modification
– Data Categorization
– Documents Indexing
– Logs Maintenance
– Digitizing
– Conversion Protocols
– Storage Maintenance

• Convert the entire company’s paperwork into digital form within 52 days.
• Implement an efficient file retrieval system which decreased information retrieval time by 58%.
• Increased storage of paper files by categorizing and physically rearranging them in the storage area, saving time and cost that would have been spent arranging for additional space.


File Clerk
, Wayland, NY
(6/2010 – Present)
• Introduce an easy to follow indexing system, making it possible for employees to access centralized office information.
• Assess incoming information to establish important details.
• Create files for each physical document and ensure that it is properly filed.
• Add new materials to existing files and create new records as and when required.
• Convert existing paperwork into digitized forms by ensuring that the integrity of data remains intact.

File Clerk
ZDF Co, Wayland, NY
(8/2003 – 6/2010)
• Assigned numbers and codes to each record to ensure that it is properly identified.
• Created and maintained digital files and documents according to specified instructions.
• Performed data entry duties to provide that all information is correctly punched into the system.
• Responded to requests for data retrieval by first verifying the authority of the requester.
• Ensured that outdated information or redundant data is eliminated and keep records of all material that had been trashed.

Office Clerk
Space Coast Credit Union
, Wayland, NY
(11/1998 – 8/2003)
• Created correspondence such as letters and memos by following specific instructions of executives.
• Handled file creation and maintenance duties by following strict codes of confidentiality.
• Operated office equipment such as scanners, fax machines, and photocopiers.
• Performed data entry duties to punch in information into set databases in a defined manner.
• Received and sorted incoming mail and ensured that it was delivered to the correct recipient within the office.

High School Diploma
Wayland High School, Wayland, NY

• MS Word, Excel
• Data Entry
• Online filing systems


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