No matter what type of job you are applying for, a cover letter for your job application or resume is of the utmost importance. This is because a prospective employer will see a cover letter before he sees the resume or gets a chance to interview the candidate.

A good cover letter for case worker resume can persuade prospective employer to either take interest in your application, or alternatively, discard it completely.

In order to create a good cover letter for a case worker resume, you may get help from the example below.


Case Worker Cover Letter Sample


Gale Mannings
99 Example 6th Street
Houston, TX 52554
(000) 854-2541
gale.m @ email . com

July 7, 2016

Mr. David Doe
Senior Manager
Francesco Child Services
252 Some Ave
Houston, TX 54111


Dear Mr. Doe:

This is with reference to the job advertisement for the position of a Case Worker at Francesco Child Services, as posted on your website. My Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and relevant experience makes me a perfect candidate for this job.

My experience as a case worker with three different organizations in the last ten years has given me considerable skills and knowledge of what the process requires and how it works. I possess a thorough knowledge of case work theory in relation to crisis intervention and family work. As required, I have exceptional counselling skills to assist people from different socio-economic backgrounds and across a range of age groups. My professional approach enables me to complete independent tasks efficiently and contribute effectively to team activities.

As indicated in the enclosed resume, I worked with children and families affected by drugs, mental issues and physical abuse. I am compassionate by nature and capable of working under extreme stress as I understand the demanding nature of this particular job.

My resume is enclosed for your consideration. I will to call you later in the week to set up a time of a meeting with you and can be reached on (000) 854-2541 in the interim.



Gale Mannings

Enc. Resume