Hotel Housekeeper Resume Samples [+Job Description, Skills]

Updated on: January 9, 2023

A hotel housekeeper is highly responsible for keeping rooms and other areas clean, neat, and organized in a hotel.

The work of hotel housekeepers is manifold. They have to amalgamate good customer service with exceptional housekeeping services in a bid to keep guests happy and ensure repeat business opportunities.

A hotel housekeeper’s resume needs to be completely informational so that a hiring manager will be able to judge if you are the right candidate for the job. Here is a resume sample that you can use to write your resume:

Hotel Housekeeper Resume Sample 1
Experience: 12 Years

Sam Neil
5421 Cedar Church Street
Leroy, AL 23212
(000) 142-7474
samneil @ email . com


Focused and well-organized Hotel Housekeeper with a 12-plus-year successful track record of providing support to the housekeeping team by actively indulging in cleaning and maintenance activities. Highly skilled in scrubbing and waxing floors by using a variety of dedicated tools such as brooms, mops, and powered scrubbing and waxing machines. A dedicated individual who proficiently handles guest complaints using exceptional communication and customer service skills.

• Waste Disposal • Laundry Services
• Repair and Maintenance • Pre-season Hotel Preparation
• Stock Replenishment • Event Management Support
• Cleaning Equipment Operation • Turndown Services
• Furniture Restoration • Inventory and Stock Management
• Room Inspection • Sanitation Procedures


Hotel Housekeeper
The Riverside Hub, Leroy, AL
6/2017 – Present
Key Achievements
• Introduced an efficient waste management system that streamlined waste disposal techniques, making it easy to dispose of trash on a daily basis.
• Implement a series of pre-season hotel preparation tasks which reduced room preparation time by 50%.
Key Responsibilities
• Determine specific cleaning and maintenance duties of the day by comprehending daily work orders.
• Clean halls and rooms by sweeping and mopping floors and ensuring that surfaces are properly wiped.
• Shampoo and vacuum carpets, rugs, and drapes and ensure that they are dried properly.
• Change linens and ensure that dirty or soiled linen is transported to the laundry area.
• Replace laundry bags and ensure that trash is disposed of properly.

Hotel Housekeeper and Cleaner
City Hotel, Leroy, AL
8/2014 – 6/2017
Key Achievements
• Developed a novel stock inventory system, replacing the old inefficient one.
• Singlehandedly prepared 30 rooms within one day for an international delegation, during a particular strain of staff shortage.
Key Responsibilities
• Replenished supplies in bathrooms and rooms and ensured that room fridges are properly stocked.
• Organized and restocked housekeeping carts at the end of each shift.
• Checked to determine if all appliances are in working order.
• Provided guests with information on the facility’s services and service their requests.
• Ascertained that any repair or maintenance issues were promptly communicated to the supervisor.

Housekeeper / Cleaner
Town Resorts, Leroy, AL
1/2010 – 8/2014
Key Responsibilities
• Cleaned guest rooms, waiting areas, and lobbies by performing sweeping and mopping activities.
• Polished furniture and waxed floors and ensured that bathrooms and kitchens are properly washed and sanitized.
• Replenished room and bathroom supplies and ensured that bed linen is changed in a timely manner.
• Delivered and removed room service items and restocked housekeeping carts.
• Observed and reported damage to hotel property and assisted in performing repair and maintenance work.

Specialized Courses in Hotel Housekeeping 
City Technical College, Leroy, AL

Hotel Housekeeping Resume Sample 2
Experience: 5 Years

Olivia James
536 Stapleton Road
Leesburg, GA 10293
(000) 954-9565
ojames @ email . com


Strong drive o excel in the hotel housekeeping arena.

Adaptable and well-organized professional with 56 years of extensive experience in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness and presentation in a hotel environment. A hands-on approach to handling high-volume work along with a reliable nature and the ability to work on my own initiative. Functional ability to lead housekeeping activities in sync with designated schedules.

• Track record of carrying out cleaning and maintenance tasks by following set hotel procedures and protocols.
• Skilled in maintaining inventories and creating a liaison with suppliers, to ensure consistency of supplies.
• “Can do” attitude coupled with a friendly approach, aimed at providing the epitome of guest services.

• Reduced large areas cleaning time by 70% by introducing the concept of “specialized cleaning equipment” for hospitality environments.
• Initiated a 2-year contract with a local laundromat, saving the hotel $42,000 annually.
• Increased housekeeping staff efficiency by 60% by providing them with “work orders” on a daily basis.
• Saved the hotel 70% on linen cost by suggesting bulk buying from a local linen supplier.


Hyatt, Leesburg, GA 
6/2020 – Present
• Perform preseason duties such as setting up guest rooms for opening
• Clean rooms, lounges, and bathrooms by vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and washing
• Dust and polish furniture and ensure that bathroom supplies are replenished
• Clean and maintain common hotel areas such as lobbies and sitting rooms
• Make beds and change linen on schedule or on a when-needed basis
• Gather dirty laundry and arrange for it to be taken to the laundromat
• Ensure that each laundry bag is properly tagged when packed
• Return appropriate laundry bag to guestroom when cleaned
• Stock and maintain supply rooms and maintain contact with vendors to ensure consistent supply
• Assist guests with reasonable housekeeping requests and respond to their queries

Housekeeping Intern
The Hilton View, Leesburg, GA
1/2018 – 6/2020
• Responded to requests for housekeeping services such as laundry pick and delivery
• Replenished bathroom items such as soap, toilet paper, and towels
• Cleaned rooms by dusting the furniture and vacuuming carpets
• Made beds and changed linens according to provided schedules
• Ensured that any spills were cleaned immediately
• Washed and disinfected bathrooms

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Leesburg, GA

• Hotel sanitation • Hospitality protocols
• Equipment Handling • Recycling
• Pool maintenance • Restorative cleaning
• Inspection • OSHA and ADA
• Staff training • Laundry management
• Inventory handling • Guest relations

• Bilingual: English/Spanish
• Basic knowledge of computers
• Able to lift and carry heavy items

Hotel Housekeeping Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

Some important duties of a hotel housekeeper are listed below. You can add these job description statements in the EXPERIENCE or EMPLOYMENT HISTORY section of your resume.

  • Perform cleaning duties such as sweeping and mopping floors in guest rooms, offices, hallways, and reception areas.
  • Dust and polish furniture in rooms and lobbies and ensure that all fixtures such as lights and chandeliers are cleaned properly.
  • Vacuum carpets and rugs in rooms and other hotel areas and occasionally shampoo them according to provided instructions.
  • Wash and sanitize bathrooms and replenish supplies such as soap, shampoo, toilet paper, and towels.
  • Mix cleaning agents in appropriate portions and ensure that they are safely used and stored according to the safety policies and procedures of the hotel.
  • Empty ashtrays and waste bins and ensure that all waste material is properly and safely disposed of.
  • Check stock levels of cleaning and sanitizing supplies and equipment and create and maintain effective liaisons with suppliers for the prompt delivery of both.
  • Create and maintain a detailed inventory of cleaning supplies according to specified rules and regulations.
  • Ensure that laundry services are properly coordinated for all guests to minimize complaints and dissatisfaction.
  • Handle complaints and suggestions in a graceful manner and ensure that they are addressed according to the protocols.

Hotel Housekeeper Skills for Resume

The skills and competencies section of a hotel housekeeper resume is your chance to showcase your expertise in specific areas. The recruiters are interested in this section to get information about your potential.

Here are some examples of hotel housekeeping skills statements. You can use these phrases either in the SKILLS or QUALIFICATIONS section of your resume.

  • Well-versed in cleaning common areas and corridors
  • Skilled in vacuuming and mopping carpeted and non-carpeted areas
  • Proficient in tile cleaning and buffing to retain the shine
  • Talented in replenishing washroom supplies including towels and soap etc.
  • Functional knowledge of various cleaning chemicals used in the hotel industry
  • Ability to use cleaning products carefully after reading instructions
  • Adept at buffing and polishing silver parts of the furniture
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain working relations with team members
  • Special talent for washing and replacing bed linens and other bedding items
  • Skilled in taking out the trash and disposing of the same in a safe manner
  • Proven skills in cleaning the snow off walkways, and maintaining the path in a neat and clean condition
  • Track record of maintaining and using carts for cleaning purposes
  • Expert in carrying out minor maintenance of rooms and washrooms
  • Able to carry out room service and washroom cleaning according to OSHA guidelines
  • Knowledge of the latest cleaning equipment handling and operations
  • Ability to understand and meet the guests’ cleanliness and sanitization needs
  • Adept at window glass and sill cleaning
  • Excellent skills in carpet and sofa cleaning
  • Experienced in supply inventory management and re-ordering of the same
  • Able to clean and disinfect rooms and washrooms in minimal time according to the priorities of the guests
  • Skilled in disinfecting and cleaning tables and countertops and other surfaces
  • Competent in maintaining lobbies and waiting areas in a tidy condition
  • Track record of delivering customer service-oriented housekeeping service
  • Able to meet tight deadlines while maintaining the quality of work

Soft Skills for Hotel Housekeeper Resume

You can use the following skills in the ADDITIONAL CAPABILITIES section of your resume.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Good time management skills
  • Track record of punctuality
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Team player
  • Fluent in English and Spanish