A cashier’s job seems quite simple; all they should do is to provide customer service and receive cash in exchange of goods and services sold – they are done with the day. But, in actual fact, this is not very true.

People working in the capacity of cashiers need to possess a multitude of skills and qualifications to be able to work effectively in this challenging role. Having said that, cashiers must have the ability to work on cash registers, performing basic calculations and understanding the concepts of basic accounting are a given to be able to work efficiently in this field.

Employers usually hire cashiers who possess prior experience in the job. This do not mean that this position is not for entry level candidates; inexperienced candidates usually enter as an assistant and are then promoted to cashiers. This is due to the reason that working as a cashier is a job full of responsibility as there is cash, checks and balances involved. Hence, a cashier needs to be honest.

Since cashiers are a first point of contact within most settings, they are required to have a pleasing personality and the ability to troubleshoot problems pertaining to both cash and sales. In most settings, cashiers are required to have good product and service knowledge so that in the case of any customer asking for information, they are not at bay, thereby showing non professionalism.

Sample Skills and Qualification for Cashier Resume

• Highly skilled in providing a timely, efficient, and considerate customer service

• Well-versed in collecting payments for customer purchases

• Competent at making change and keeping an accurate till

• Proven ability to operate cash register and manage drawer

• Demonstrated ability to respond and resolve customer’s requests and concerns

• Able to assist customers with purchases and answers product related questions

• Experienced in displaying and restocking merchandise

• Meticulous competency in up-selling relevant products and services

• Special talent for ensuring employer’s safety and sanitation expectations

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to develop long-term rapport with customers to ensure repeat business

• Accurate with math and currency