Dollar General Cashier Job Description

May 24, 2018

Dollar General, being one of the biggest variety store chains in the United States of America, hires only the best where staff members are concerned.

If you want to work as a cashier at Dollar General, you might be interested in what we have to say.

A person working as a cashier at Dollar General has to perform a variety of retail and cash handling jobs and must be ace in all of them.

To work as a Dollar General cashier, you have to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. Previous experience in a cashier position will go a long way in getting you the job, as you will be aware of all the things that need to be done in this role.

Handling the POS system, and ensuring that all transactions are properly managed will be all in a day’s work for you. At this position, it is essential that you are organized and diligent, as you will be responsible for a lot of cash. Also, you may be asked to fill in for the retail part of this work, which is why it will be imperative for you to understand it, specifically customer services.

As a cashier at Dollar General, you will be expected to perform some or all of the duties specified in the list below:

Dollar General Cashier Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the cash counter with their purchases, and assist them in placing them on the shelf.

• Check each item to determine its price, and ring each product into the system by using scanners and barcodes.

• Provide customers with information on any discounts or deals on their chosen products, along with new price information.

• Total customers’ purchases and provide them with information on the final bill.

• Process both credit card and cash transactions, and tender change and receipts.

• Provide customers with information on return and exchange policies and timelines.

• Ascertain that customers’ purchases are properly bagged, and delivered to their vehicles.

• Assist sales representatives in handling customers, especially during rush hours.

• Provide customers with product information and location, and direct and lead them to their choice of products.

• Assist customers in choosing the right products, based on their requirements and budgets.

• Lead customers through the cashiering process, ensuring that their purchases are properly invoiced.

• Assist sales people with stocking, visual merchandising, and up-selling activities, in accordance with the store’s policies.

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