Any position that requires a person to handle cash is of utmost sensitivity. It is a proven fact that handling cash is one of the difficult – and often a very risky – job to do especially in these days of rampant robberies.

Cash handling is not merely receiving cash in exchange of an item sold or a service rendered. There are many aspects involved on cash handling such as accounting procedures that need to be taken into account, reconciliation, counting and managing receipts. Other duties may involve managing a cash register or an adding machine effectively. People who are comfortable with basic maths calculations should apply for a cash handling job.

Look at some skills that are required for people handling cash. These statements can be used to build a cash handling resume.

Cash Handling Skills for Resume

• Well-versed in operating cash registers and adding machines

• Highly skilled in accepting checks, cash, and other forms of payment from customers

• Proven ability to count the cash in drawer at the start and end of shift

• Demonstrated ability to prepare specific types of funds, including traveler’s checks, savings bonds, and money orders

• Adept at managing accounting procedures

• Special talent for performing reconciliation procedures

• Proficient in handling payment returns

• Qualified to count and balance cash drawer with accuracy

• Profound ability to prepare periodical sales reports

• Able to handle customers while providing high standards of efficiency, accuracy, and consistency

• Exceptional keypunching skills

• Adept at comprehending banking procedures

• Proven ability to perform basic to advanced mathematical calculations