Cashiers are present in every retail and financial setting. A cashier’s job may seem simple – after all what else do they have to do except taking payments? This may seem true but, in actuality, cashiers do more than just accepting payments in exchange of goods sold. Before taking payments, a cashier scans the merchandise, calculates that the price is correctly displayed and even bags the items sold at times.

Cashiers do not only work with payments which is why they need to have good knowledge of credit cards and debit cards. You will find a cashier managing a whole lot of bookkeeping as well due to the fact that they have to balance the cash register at the end of every shift and ensure that no discrepancies are found as far as cash is concerned. Since this is a job that concerns money in a huge way, cashiers need to be absolutely skillful in managing cash effectively and with absolute accuracy.

It is also the job of a cashier to provide exceptional customer service, answer questions in addition to managing refunds and exchanges. A cashier accomplishes many things in a single work day as his work demands a lot of patience and absolute accuracy.

Let us look at some of the accomplishment/achievement statements of a cashier. These phrases or bullet points can be utilized while writing a cashier resume.


Sample Accomplishments for Cashier Resume

• Provided the highest level of prompt and friendly customer service which increased client base by 40%

• Redesigned the checkout procedure by employing effective procedures to decrease the chances of errors by a huge margin

• Integrated a system that worked with available data to check credit cards for expiry at the time of punching

• Made a significant increase in sales by up-selling merchandise displayed at the cash counter

• Achieved Employee of the Year Award following excellence in work procedures and mannerisms

• Attained success in balancing the cash after an extremely busy holiday season following many discrepancies in cash-against-items-sold

• Promoted from stocker to the position of a cashier owing to demonstration of excellent cash handling acumen brought on by substituting for the position

• Delighted the customers with consistent and pleasant service which resulted in a 30% increase in returning customers

• Kept the work area clean, well stocked, and organized – Increased efficiency by 20%

• Reduced waiting time for customers by providing quick services

• Followed appropriate procedures for cash handling

• Trained 5 junior cashiers