Letters of recommendation for cashiers are a good way for future employers and determine the candidacy and qualities of a job seeker.

If your former employee or student request you to write a letter for them, you want to get the right tone that perfectly define their cashiering skills and customer service capabilities.

When writing a cashier’s reference letter, keep in mind that it must be short and to the point.

Look at the following sample which will help you with making your own.



Sample Recommendation Letter for Cashier



October 8, 2017


To Whom It May Concern

It is a true pleasure for me to write this recommendation letter for John Doe who had worked as a cashier at Staples under my supervision for two years (May 2015 to Sep 2017). John, without any doubt, was one of the most brilliant cashier of our company.

John is an expert organizer as well as a customer focused person who has exceptional expertise in handling multiple cash transactions simultaneously. Under my supervision, he sharpened his skills in providing excellent customer service, guiding customers positively and collecting payment for purchases.

Due to his positive attitude and continuous struggle, our client base was increased 30% within 2 years of his employment. In addition, he is a very good communicator who is able to develop good relationships with clients, coworkers and seniors. I must say that John was among the few employees who had a potential to deliver.

Again, I strongly recommend John for the position of Cashier. In my opinion, he would be a definite asset of your company. I wish him best of luck in his future ambitions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if there is anything else I can do on John’s behalf.



Sara Davis
Senior Manager
Staples – Westbury, NY
(000) 896-2054
sara @ email . com