15 Bookkeeping Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 20, 2023

An accomplishments-based bookkeeper resume can take your career to new heights.

The accomplishments section may not come on top of a resume, but its importance cannot be undermined.

Once you are done mentioning your skills and competencies, it is time to talk about your accomplishments.

It is recommended that you write at least two or three achievements in a bookkeeper’s resume.

In an accomplishment statement, what matters is numbers and percentages. These tell employers the extent of what you achieved, without you having to go into too much detail.

To understand this better, here are a few samples of bookkeeping accomplishments that you can use on your resume:

Sample Accomplishments for Bookkeeping Resume

  1. Introduced and implemented an online bookkeeping system that resulted in accurate and timely accounts records management.
  2. Balanced a particularly complicated balance sheet that had one entry missing and was in a state of limbo for three months.
  3. Brought 20 complex books to the trial balance stage.
  4. Entered data and maintained records precisely, increasing the overall efficiency of the accounting system by 50%.
  5. Stayed under budget for 15 months by ensuring that petty cash disbursement was minimized.
  6. Redesigned and implemented more effective bookkeeping procedures which decreased accounts management time by 50%.
  7. Reduced overhead costs by $4000 per month by suggesting the use of alternative energy during peak office hours.
  8. Streamlined bookkeeping operations by ensuring appropriate work slicing for accounting staff.
  9. Decreased paperwork by 80% by introducing electronic bookkeeping software and providing training to staff to use it effectively.
  10. Fixed 18 bugs in accounting software, which decreased bookkeeping errors by 90%.
  11. Conducted five accounting records reconciliations in 15 days, thereby achieving success in unifying charts of accounts.
  12. Introduced a novel payroll system, which calculated and deducted income tax automatically, thereby reducing manual calculation time by 85%.
  13. Implemented a novel accounting and filing system, increasing data-pulling efficiency by 70%.
  14. Accurately recorded day-to-day financial transactions in the correct day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger, and general ledger.
  15. Processed accounts receivable/payable and payroll in a timely manner.