Top 12 Assistant Accountant Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 3, 2023

Achievements define us as high-energy professionals in many different ways.

If we have been especially good at something at the workplace and the results show clearly, we have a lot to boast of – especially where resumes are concerned.

You mention how well you have worked before (in terms of your accomplishments) and you can be sure that your resume will be given a twice-over at the very least.

You cannot simply begin your resume with a mention of how accomplished you are.

In fact, you should start your resume by providing information about your career summary, skills, and abilities so that you can slowly build up to the point where your achievements will look well-placed.

So right after you are done with the skills and qualifications, move on to writing your achievements.

How would you separate your achievements from your work duties?

This is where many of us fail.

Job duties are activities that we perform each day. Achievements are the positive end result of your hard work.

Separate the two and you will be able to eloquently chart out your achievements and write 3 or 4 of them (the best ones) in a dedicated section on your resume.

Let us give you an example of how they need to be written on an assistant accountant’s resume.

Assistant Accountant Achievements for Resume

  1. Reorganized budgeting and expenses processing systems by overhauling both procedures and introducing efficient modules.
  2. Implemented an automated VAT returns system, which decreased tax return inefficiency by 50%.
  3. Introduced a dynamic, online income and sales system to increase the ease of calculations as opposed to the regular standalone one.
  4. Reconciled a lengthy income report, spanning 15 years within the record time of 3 days.
  5. Identified a discrepancy in the profit and loss account, saving the company $15000 in income unaccounted for.
  6. Introduced the concept of “suspense accounts”, effectively ensuring compliance with standards accounting principles.
  7. Singlehandedly managed petty cash disbursement and bookkeeping for 5 departments across 15 offices, 3 of which were in countries outside the US.
  8. Audited an entire paper bookkeeping system within 15 days, well within the deadline of 25 days.
  9. Converted the paper accounting system into electronic, resulting in increased efficiency at 88%.
  10. Led a series of training sessions to provide a solid accounting background to trainees and accounting interns.
  11. Suggested incorporation of client-related accounting information into the main client database, making it easy to follow up on defaulted clients.
  12. Recovered 40% of all outstanding debts within 5 months, following dedicated follow-up procedures.

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