18 Accountant Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 31, 2023

Accomplishments are anything that an individual does which had a high positive impact on the company.

This page will guide you on writing great achievement statements on an accountant’s resume.

How to Write Accomplishments on an Accountant Resume?

The accomplishments section of the accountant resume can be tricky to write. Many job seekers think of everyday accountant duties as accomplishments. In fact, job duties are not accomplishments.

A duty is anything that we do on a daily basis as part of our job description. On the other hand, an accomplishment is some task you performed that provided significant benefits to the employer. Understanding this difference is what is going to get you to write this section correctly.

When you write an accountant’s accomplishment, think of numbers, dollar signs, and percentages. If an employer knows that you increased sales by 60%, for instance, he will be able to gauge how well you have done.

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Resumes for accountant positions are not complete if they do boast of the accomplishments section.

Let us give you 18 examples of accomplishments statements that an accountant can put on their resume:

Accountant Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

1. Revamped the accounting system, which increased efficiency by 50% in handling accounting controls.

2. Reduced paperwork by 20% by converting all accounting procedures to an electronic form.

3. Expanded the accounting department’s efficiency by 30% by providing rigorous training to accounting staff.

4. Stayed within budget for petty cash disbursement for 6 years.

5. Provided training to a team of 20 accounting professionals from foreign offices.

6. Decreased overhead costs by $70000 per year by suggesting the use of alternative energy for all departments across the organization.

7. Reconciled a complex financial statement within 5 hours, which had been stuck in limbo for six months.

8. Introduced the concept of digital distribution agreements, reducing the processing time by 80%.

9. Introduced a centralized accounting system that increased efficiency by 50% due to easy access from all off-state offices.

10. Implemented corrective measures that decreased minor accounting discrepancies by 30%.

11. Reorganized the accounts receivable systems by bringing it into 91% of the agreement and enabling the company to borrow against the amount for restructuring purposes.

12. Reconciled a $10000 regional budget for 4 ongoing projects.

13. Redesigned and implemented more effective accounting procedures, which decreased paperwork by 50%.

14. Decreased overhead costs by $5000 per month by determining high energy costs during summer months and suggesting the use of alternative energy.

15. Integrated an extremely complex accounting system into the existing one and achieved a 49% decrease in the time taken to handle calculations.

16. Streamlined accounting procedures by introducing central access systems pertaining to payrolls and petty cash.

17. Resolved a particularly complex accounting conflict that posed a great threat to the company in terms of profitability.

18. Audited 90 accounts in 3 weeks, thereby saving the company $5000 in external auditing fees.

Final Thought

Employers generally want to know what you have achieved in the past and how you can replicate your achievement in their company. For that reason, it is important to pay special attention to the accomplishments section on your resume.

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