Top 8 Bookkeeper Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 27, 2023

Job seekers for bookkeeper positions often fail to create a dedicated section of achievements on their resumes.

Achievements show prospective employers what you are capable of, more than skills and qualifications can. What you have accomplished in the past suggests that you are talented enough to achieve it again – this time for the company that you are applying to!

Many times, we end up confusing our job responsibilities with accomplishments, just because we are quite proud of the fact that we have been able to do something on a daily basis for a long time! Job responsibilities are not the same as accomplishments or achievements.

The difference is stark and quite obvious. Just to keep the confusion at bay, job responsibilities denote duties that are part of your job description, which you perform each day. Achievements are the “big things” that you have done by putting your skills into action – ones that have had a considerable positive effect on the company.

Bookkeeping achievements are quite often measured in numbers – the use of digits and percentages makes ordinary sentences come alive, and their readability increases manifold. While you might not be able to add numbers to each achievement that you have to your name, make sure you use them as often as possible.

Use power verbs to describe how you contributed to the success of a company and came out shining.

For a bookkeeper’s position, here is a list of achievements that you can look through to use in a bookkeeper’s resume.

Sample Achievements for Bookkeeper Resume

  1. Introduced a complex bookkeeping system that handled financial transactions 50% more efficiently than the previous one.
  2. Saved $45000 by investigating and figuring out a discrepancy in the books, which had been elusive for three years.
  3. Identified an enormous discrepancy in the books, which led to the apprehending of a finance employee who was embezzling money from the company.
  4. Decreased company debits by 20% by actively following up on outstanding debts by clients.
  5. Implemented a sophisticated accounts receivable system which reduced invoice preparation time by 50%.
  6. Suggested use of a dynamic payroll system, thereby streamlining the process and moving reporting date from the 10th of each month to the 1st of each month.
  7. Streamlined relationships with banks by professionally coordinating with them, leading to a 55% increase ins service delivery from their end.
  8. Decreased overhead costs by $3000 per month by suggesting the use of alternative energy, which had a substantial positive impact on the yearly budget.