Bartender / Server Resume Sample

Updated on April 24, 2016


Excess of resumes is quite a discouraging thing for prospective employers. When hiring managers see a bunch of resumes they often do not get to the point where choosing the right candidate is possible. The right candidate may be out there but he may not be “discovered” because the person looking for him got distracted by the sheer load of resumes to see. Therefore, you should make things easier for the hiring manager by providing them with a simple yet perfect resume for bartender/server job.

See the sample below to make a perfect resume for bartender/server position.


Bartender / Server Resume Sample


Patrick Harrison

427 Quimet Way ● Billings, MT 36321 ● (000) 121-4744 ● pat.harrison @ email . com


Performance Summary: Energetic and self-confident individual with extensive experience of working in a fast paced hospitality industry, particularly bartending and serving. Exceptionally well-equipped to maintain a standard of professionalism by performing customer service tasks according to the facility’s specific protocols.
• Demonstrated expertise in mixing and serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to patrons by following set recipes for cocktails and drink mixes
• Highly experienced in creating mixes from scratch and handling menu development duties and drink promotions
• Special talent for monitoring the intake of alcohol by patrons and taking measures to restrict sale to intoxicated individuals
• Proficient in upselling food and beverage items by engaging patrons in conversation and determining their specific preferences


• Patron Service• Ingredients Mixing• Menu Planning
• Cocktail Concoction• Inventory Replenishment• Cash Handling
• Bar Operations• Sanitation Policies• Upselling
• Restocking• Serving Etiquette• Bussing


Bartender Server (2013 – Present)
Pebble Beach Resorts, Billings, MT

• Avert a possible ransacking of the restaurant area during a brawl by intervening just in time
• Create a mix dubbed as Pat’s Special, which increase clientele by 50%
• Greet patrons as they approach the bar and inquire into their choice of drinks
• Take orders for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and mix them in appropriate quantities
• Serve beverages and snacks to patrons at the bar or on their tables
• Engage patrons into conversation to make them comfortable enough to order sidelines and additional drinks
• Stock bar shelves with beer, wine and other liquors and supplies such as ice, glasses and napkins
• Ascertain that inventory of supplies is updated regularly by maintaining in constant contact with suppliers
• Plan and organize the operations of the bar to ensure proper customer services

Bartender Server (2010 – 2013)
AA Company, Billings, MT

• Smoothed out bar operations by efficiently streamlining delivery and stocking of beverages and associated knickknacks
• Singlehandedly planned the restaurant’s menu to complement the drinks offered at the bar, increasing client base from 2256 to 3211 within 6 months
• Sliced fruits to use as garnishing for drinks
• Planned menus of drinks and associated food items
• Check customers’ identities and age before serving drinks to them
• Ascertained that the bar area and surroundings are kept clean and visually appealing

Server (2008 – 2010)
Chilli’s, Billings, MT

• Directed customers to their tables, offered menus and served welcome drinks
• Assisted in taking and relaying orders to the kitchen area and following up on them
• Ascertained portion control by checking prepared orders before serving them
• Served water and beverages to customers and ensured that their orders were set on their tables within the stipulated timeframe
• Cleaned tables and chairs and ensured that table and banquet bussing duties were performed in a time-efficient manner

Billings High School, Billings, MT – 2007
High School Diploma