Top 20 Bartender Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 8, 2020
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Adding a career objective section in a bartender resume was considered optional in the past. But in recent years, it has turned into the most critical part of a resume, especially if you are a career changer or entry-level applicant.

The most successful and well-written career objective targets the needs of the prospective employer. Therefore, keep away from writing general and selfish statements, such as “a position that will develop my broad skills and allow me to grow.”

Do not think that any kind of a career objective will work. If your objective is unclear and nonspecific, you will be perceived as an unpredictable person who is not able to make decisions and set goals.

Take a look at the sample objectives statements below to get a better idea of how to write a good objective for a Bartender Resume.

20 Sample Objectives for Bartender Resume

Bartender With Experience Objectives (14 Examples)

1. Seeking a Bartender position with Holiday Inn Oceanside, utilizing 5+ years’ hands-on experience in preparing and serving cocktails, handling cash, and performing housekeeping tasks to ensure the hotel’s ongoing success.

2. Poised to work for Marriott New York as a Bartender, where extensive bartending experience, customer-focused attitude, and a firm commitment to workplace safety can be contributed to the successful and profitable operations of the hotel.

3. Seeking a position as a Bartender with Hilton Garden Inn Dover. Leveraging a 6-plus-year track record of success in the customer service and hospitality field to contribute to the organization’s progress and improve profitability.

4. To obtain a Bartender position at the Hilton Hotel. Bringing 9+ years’ progressively responsible experience in beverages mixing and garnishing to attain the maximum level of guests’ satisfaction.

5. Seeking a position as a Bartender at Marriot International, providing high-quality beverage production and service to patrons. Hoping to implement a bartending position to help the hotel meet its guest satisfaction goals.

6. Looking for a Bartender position at Henley’s Pub, leveraging extensive bartending experience to increase guest satisfaction. Hoping to contribute to the hotel’s success through well-placed bar services, in terms of food and beverage orders, and preparation.

7. Meticulous and high-energy individual, with over 6 years of experience in Bartender and server roles. Anticipating a position at The Manor Golf and Country Club, which will require me to put in my best customer services, keeping in mind the facility’s reputation, and goodwill.

8. Strong desire to become a successful member of the bartending team at Omni Hotels. Focused on utilizing past experience and acquired skills to help the hotel meet its customer service and sales targets.

9. Exceptionally talented Bartender, with 6+ years of solid experience in busy bar settings. Presently seeking a position at BJ’s Restaurant and Brew House, focusing on increasing bar sales, through the provision of high-quality customer service.

10. I seek a challenging opportunity to work as a Bartender at Design Bar, where I can fully utilize my knowledge of mixology for traditional and creative cocktails. Hoping for a mutually rewarding position to apply my skills in customer service and business retention.

11. To make the most of my bartending skills and working knowledge of bar-related beverages, spirits, and mixed and specialty drinks at Kraft Cocktail Services. Passion for exceeding customer service goals and helping the bar meet its financial, and customer retention goals.

12. To secure a challenging position as a Bartender with Anthem Golf and Country Club. Derive pleasure from providing genuine hospitality, demonstrating appropriate decorum. Can easily interpret guests’ drink desires, and create correlating cocktails, and mocktails.

13. To work as a Bartender for 5th Avenue Drinks. Leveraging 10+ years of bartending experience. Focused on providing excellent customer services, aimed at ensuring return business, through continuously following food and beverage service sequence.

14. Exceptionally talented individual, with 9 years of bartending experience, presently seeking a Bartender position at Montage International. Poised to ensure customer satisfaction through delivery of well-placed bar food and beverage services.

Entry Level Bartender Objectives With No Experience (6 Examples)

15. To obtain a position as a bartender at KSL Resorts where strong dedication to the bartending and customer service work and a high degree of enthusiasm will be fully utilized.

16. A Bartender position with Fountain Resort using hospitality skills and cocktail knowledge to maximize efficiency and increase client base.

17. Eager to contribute to the bartending team of The Brass Tap utilizing a comprehensive understanding of beverage and ability to make appropriate recommendations. Strong passion for mixology and customer satisfaction.

18. A dynamic and energetic individual looking for a Bartender position at Bar Louise. Offers skills in preparing and serving stunning beverages. Committed to excel in the hospitality industry.

19. To achieve a position as a Bartender at Waverly Country Club. Eager to apply solid knowledge of making exotic drinks, in sync with customers’ specific likes. Emphasis on immediately contributing to the success of the facility bar, through the implementation of excellent guest services.

20. To obtain a Bartender position at AAA Café. Offering in-depth knowledge of welcoming guests, and handling their drinks and cocktails orders. Aim to provide excellence in a service-oriented manner. Completely focused on increasing business opportunities.

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