Baking Skills for Resume

Updated on: March 16, 2021

Baking is not just a form of cooking; it is an art. Not everyone can be an expert baker as there is much to consider when baking, including the consistency of ingredients and baking times.

Bakers are employed by restaurants, hotels, and bakeshops based primarily on their skills.

People who apply for baking positions are required to be very hands-on in this trade.

Many bakers take professional courses in baking before they can be considered fit for employment.

Typically, bakers measure ingredients in the correct quantity, mix them, and pour them in the right baking utensils in order to make them ready for baking.

Besides, they bake many kinds of things, such as cakes, pizza, pastries, cupcakes, and casseroles.

In order to work as a successful baker, one needs to be very meticulous; an ounce of ingredient more or less can make all the difference in baking the perfect cake – or not.

To understand what else a baker needs to possess in terms of skills, have a look at the following list of baking skills that you can list in your resume.

Sample Skills for Baker Resume

• Knowledge of baking goods with hands and baking machinery

• Familiar with different types of dough and pastries

• Solid know-how of creating and following baking menus

• Experience in using baking equipment such as rolling pins and ovens

• Substantial knowledge of improvising on present recipes to bring out new flavors

• Excellent background in developing and testing new recipes

• Extensive knowledge of raw materials and their uses in baking

• Trained in high volume production of baking goods

• Expert in handling flaky pastry baking techniques

• Background in managing specialty desserts such as gingerbread cookies and cupcakes

• Proficient in making fondant and decorating cakes and cupcakes with fondue

• Well-versed in menu planning, inventory management, and ingredient costing

• Trained in grating and shaving chocolate in order to meet recipe standards

• Knowledge of different types of flour and sugar needed for different baked goods

• Capable of handling the production of different types of baking products at the same time

• Adept at folding ingredients together to ensure that the end product is without flaws

• Specially trained in cake decoration and icing techniques

• Long term interest in mold dough, grease pans, and trimming edges

• Particularly effective in using hand-held cake decoration instruments

• Track record of maintaining baking instruments and equipment

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