A bailiff cover letter is your statement of introduction that develop your first impression on the employer. While a well written cover letter can guarantee an interview call, a poorly written one can lead your resume straight into the bin! Use the following do’s and don’ts while crafting your perfect bailiff cover letter.

• Begin with a proper salutation
• Do write a compelling first and last paragraph
• Collect some background information about the hiring firm’s preferences
• Use some basic and uniform formatting style

• Do not go into unnecessary personal details
• Do not mention any irrelevant skills
• Do not mention salary expectations in a cover letter
• Do not mention why you left or want to leave your previous job


Bailiff Cover Letter Sample


Patricia Joseph

patricia . joseph @ email . com
7544 Glen Lane | Florence, AZ 89777
Cellular: (007) 333-5555 | Home: (004) 222-6666

February 27, 2015

Mr. Noah Hans
Chief Recruiter
Judicial Branch, Pinal County
Florence, AZ 89777


Dear Mr. Hans:

It is with enthusiasm and interest that I respond to your advertised position of court bailiff. My passion for law and exposure to lawsuit hearings are great assets that render me a fore runner for this position.

Some of my key qualifications include:

● Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Training in CPR, Peace officer Licensure, police officer standards and training certification

● Proven ability to implement fool proof security settings in the court room, judge’s chamber and jury lodgings

● Well practiced in recording and maintaining testimony claims and case proceedings summary confidentially.

● Adept at implementing court room order, checking/scanning  all audience at entrance and making arrests of troublesome audiences as and when instructed.

In light of my experience and professional strengths, I anticipate an interview call from your office soon. I am reachable at (007) 333-5555 for the purpose and can’t wait to discuss the responsibilities and expectations to the bailiff position further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Patricia Joseph

Resume Attached