Bakers are employed by a variety of settings such as bakeries, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops. They make a huge array of foods including breads, pies, cakes, cookies and pastries. This is an artistic work as bakers do not only bake but decorate baked goods as well.

General Overview of Baker Job

Depending on their individual place of employment, bakers contribute significantly in charting up an establishment’s dessert menu. They work closely with the management to decide what baked dessert items would attract patrons. Bakers are expected to know the many techniques that are used in modern baking. They measure ingredients to ensure the right quantity for each product and also kneed and cut dough. Bakers are expected to have a great attention to detail as they cannot possibly add or take out any ingredient once a product is put into the oven. They also need to possess excellent aesthetic sense as a major part of their job is to decorate baked items. The ability to follow recipes and measure ingredients properly should be inherent in a baker’s personality.

There are several different duties that a baker is expected to perform on a typical work day. Let us have a look at some of these duties to comprehend what a baker is responsible for. These statements will be useful when building a resume for baker position.

Sample Job Description for Baker Resume

• Measure and mix ingredients to make breads, rolls, pies, pizzas and cakes
• Weigh materials in order to ensure appropriate quantity
• Cut dough into equal parts to ensure that each batch has a uniform appearance
• Mould dough into appropriate shapes
• Place dough into appropriate pans
• Place pans in ovens and set oven temperature
• Ensure that oven temperature is in accordance to the type of product being baked
• Adjust thermostats in order to ensure that appropriate heat is being transmitted
• Remove baked goods from the oven and place on cooling racks
• Spread sprinkles and other decoration on baked goods
• Prepare icings according to recipes and decorate baked goods appropriately
• Ensure that correct quantities of batches is being made
• Ensure appropriate storage of baking utensils and supplies
• Make sure that baking equipment is cleaned and maintained properly
• Ensure compliance with food safety standards
• Oversee cleanliness and sanitation of work area and equipment
• Manage inventory of supplies and order supplies before they run out
• Clean display cases and replace near expiry baked products with fresh baked goods
• Train new hires in baking techniques
• Package baked good appropriately and place pricing stickers