Baking Assistant Job Description Sample

Updated on June 26, 2015

Baking assistants work in specialty bakeries, both at the backend and the frontend. Their work is divided into two parts – handling baking assistant work and managing customers at the front end. They have to be knowledgeable about food safety and hygiene as they are constantly in an environment conducive to food spoilage.

Most bakery assistants opt to work at this position for mere interest in the work. Some even possess degrees in baking and pastry arts. Depending on the type and size of the bakery in questions, bakery assistants are hired based on their qualifications and skills. A bakery catering to customers with rich tastes and high aesthetic expectations will hire someone with a degree in bakery arts. One that provides basic baked goods can do with a bakery assistant who has interest in the work and customer service knowledge but does not necessarily hold a degree. A lot of training is done on the job as well so many bakery assistants become qualified while working at this position.

Bakery assistants need to possess knowledge of handling customers and managing payments as well. A little information regarding marketing and sales is helpful as well. People who are organized and possess good bookkeeping skills are usually preferred for this position.

Baking Assistant Job Description Sample

• Greet customers and provide them with information regarding available bakery products
• Take orders for specialty cakes and large number of items and provide a date and time when they will be ready
• Take notes when special instructions are being provided such as weight, shape and theme of cake
• Process cash and credit card payments and issue receipts
• Prepare raw materials such as oil, yeast, flour and sugar for baking purposes
• Knead dough for breads and pizza and bake them according to set timings and recipes
• Assist bakers in baking cakes, pizzas, casseroles, pies and other bakery items
• Make fondant, frosting and butter cream mixtures by following taste, color and consistency protocols
• Roll and apply fondant on cakes and cupcakes and make figures and cutouts according to themes
• Give finishing touches to the end product and ensure that it is stored properly before delivery time
• Pack baked items properly in special boxes and ensure that they are handed to customers in a safe manner
• Handle baking supplies and equipment inventory and procure out of stock items
• Ascertain the cleanliness and sanitization of kitchen and bakery areas
• Make sure that freshly baked goods are aesthetically placed in display boxes

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