Baking Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2022

Good resume writing is vital to our future with a company.

Getting attention from prospective employers can be hard but the right resume, sent at the right time and to the right person can make things well, right.

If you want to get your point across, you need to use powerful language that does not intimidate but gives the employer something to think about.

Don’t cause eye strain by writing long stories about how good you are. Instead, focus on writing short bullet points that prove that you are as good as you say.

The following resume sample for a baking assistant position can help you write one of your own in this manner.

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Baking Assistant Resume Example

Christopher Helm
893 Center Avenue
Warsaw, KY 56832
(000) 234-3323
chris @ email . com


Top-performing Baking Assistant with hands-on experience in preparing and producing a vast variety of bakery products. Very skilled in modern cake decoration techniques and the use of various tools and materials to meet the varying demands of customers. Good attention to detail with the ability to work collaboratively.

• Processing raw materials in-house as part of the backend preparation work.
• Decorating cakes using fondants and buttercream, across a huge variety of themes.
• Familiar with preparing bread and pizza dough along with deep knowledge of correct mixture consistencies.
• Qualified to handle bakery inventories and bookkeeping activities and manage spoilages.

• Production recipes • Food processing
• Cake decoration • Customer service
• Food safety and hygiene • Inventory control
• Time management • Commercial kitchen
• Hand-icing • Packaging
• Food rotation

• Independently produced and baked a 20lb Frozen-themed cake within 11 hours, in time for a grand birthday party.
• Decorated 180 Cars themed cookies by hand-icing them within 2 days.
• Reduced dough buying costs by 80% by producing dough in-house.
• Increased customer base by 50% by suggesting the introduction of fondant cakes.


Baking Assistant
Devil’s Food Bakery, Warsaw, KY
6/2014 – Present
• Treat raw materials such as flour, oil, sugar, yeast, and water to be used for baking purposes
• Mix ingredients according to set recipes and prepare doughs and mixtures
• Assist bakers in producing baked items such as cakes, pastries, bagels, patties, buns, and cookies
• Provide logistical support by decorating cakes and cookies using buttercream, frosting, and fondant
• Create aesthetically pleasing fondant figures using special cutters and shapers
• Manage the front end of the bakery and welcome customers as they arrive
• Provide customers with information on bakery products and prices
• Take orders for special cakes and food items in bulk
• Pack customers’ orders ring up sales and process payments
• Provide information regarding when orders will be ready for pick up
• Handle inventory of bakery supplies and equipment

Pastry Aide
The Pastry Shop, Warsaw, KY
1/2013 – 5/2014
• Ensured that the kitchen was well kept and fully stocked and functional
• Assisted bakers in performing baking activities by preparing raw materials such as flour, sugar, and oil
• Provided support in making and folding fondant and decorating cakes and pastries
• Took customers’ orders for cakes, pastries, cookies, bagels, and other bakery items
• Packed orders and handled payment processing duties
• Ensured that the front end was kept clean and sanitized

High School Diploma
Warsaw High School, Warsaw, KY – 2008