Entry-Level Baker Resume With No Experience

Updated on: December 29, 2020
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Creativity comes in many forms. You can be a designer and be creative and you can also be a baker and show how creative you are.

Where job applications are concerned, creativity matters immensely especially when you are designing your own resume.

So whether you are a graphic designer or a  baker, it is imperative that you show a prospective employer how well you can present yourself in a resume.

A first-time resume is always a challenge. All of us have found ourselves in a quandary at one time or another where resume writing is concerned. If you haven’t, you are one lucky applicant!

For all others, the mere mention of the word “resume” makes us get the jitters. For first-timers, this is probably a given. For people who have written and rewritten their resumes many times, it may not be such a problem.

So let’s talk about an applicant wanting to write a perfect baker resume but does not know how to because it is the first time he is writing one. Tips? Just one. Make sure that the information in your resume is exactly as asked for by the employer in the advertisement. And you do not have anything to lose.

For the format, you can use the following sample:

Baker With No Experience Resume Sample

Dylan Manning
240 19th Avenue
West Fargo, ND 58074
(000) 189-7574
dylman @email .com


A creatively inclined individual who has exceptional baking skills seeking a Baker position at ABC Bakery to provide clients with exceptional services through baking and decorating sweet and savory items. Specially trained in handling intricate cake designs, aimed at meeting and exceeding clients’ baking expectations.

Bachelor’s Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts Management
Culinary School, West Fargo University, West Fargo, ND – 2020

Related Coursework
– Anthropology of Food
– Techniques of Baking
– Cultures of the Americas 
– Foodservice Management 
– Marketing and Promoting Food

• Well-versed in the use of fondant and buttercream to provide a clean and smooth finish to cakes and cupcakes
• Highly skilled in baking items such as cakes, macaroons, bread, cookies, and pastry
• Adept at aptly measuring and weighing ingredients such as flour to prepare batters, doughs, and fillings
• Competent in rolling, kneading, cutting, and shaping dough and fondant to form sweet rolls, pie crusts, cake coverings, and tarts


Taylors Bakery, West Fargo, ND                                 
Baking Intern | 6/2020 – 12/2020
• Measured and mixed ingredients for baking cakes, bread and rolls according to specified instructions of the baker
• Operated baking equipment such as ovens by setting them at required heat for each individual item to be baked
• Performed mixing, dividing, shaping, and baking activities to ensure consistency with daily production
• Rolled fondant and used cutouts, stencils, and plungers to create shapes according to the theme of cakes or cupcakes
• Ordered and maintained inventory of ingredients, supplies, and baking tools and created and maintained liaison with vendors and suppliers
• Assisted in packing and labeling baked items and transporting them to the frontend display areas

• Fondant Rolling
• Buttercream Making
• Food Safety Regulations
• Slicing / Wrapping Machines Operation
• Cake Decoration
• Glazing and Icing
• Quantity Adaptation
• Equipment Temperature Control
• Quality Assurance
• Customer Service