Baker Skills for Resume

Updated: May 17, 2019

It is quite difficult to highlight all your skills as a baker in a resume.

But you must write at least the most important ones.


For instance, your knowledge or developing recipes, and following them perfectly is one area that you can emphasize in your resume.

As a baker, there is no way that you can do justice to the job unless you are skilled.

And since the hiring manager needs to know how skilled you are before he or she hires you, it is imperative to focus on your competencies when writing a resume or a cover letter.

As far as specific baker skills are concerned, you must focus on your knowledge of mixing the right amount of ingredients and ensuring that baking times are properly handled.


It is crucial to keep in mind that hiring managers zero in on the skills section in a baker resume or information regarding skills in a cover letter.

If you want to be hired as a baker, you must highlight what your capabilities are in both these documents.

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Here is how you can do this:


Baker Skills for Resume

• Highly skilled in developing recipes for bakery items such as cakes, cupcakes, pizza, scones, and bread.

• Experienced in following the right recipe for each product.

• Well-versed in measuring end combining ingredients following set methods.

• Exceptionally talented in using equipment and hand tools such as mixers, blenders, and cutters in order to make cookies, cakes, and bread.

• Proven ability to properly set oven times and heats according to the baking item.

• Track record of effectively baking quality bakery products, including bread and cakes.

• Unmatched ability to decorate cakes and cupcakes in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

• Deep familiarity with testing both ingredients as well as end products in order to ensure that they meet standards.

• Competent in developing bakery menus in conjunction with bakery management.

• Expert in greeting customers and providing them with the required information on bakery items.

• Qualified to take special baking orders for cakes and large quantities of cupcakes.

• Skilled in displaying baked items in display boxes or shelves, in a visually pleasing manner.

• Competent in providing customers with information on available cake designs, and helping them make informed decisions.

• Ability to handle POS systems in order to sell bakery items to walk-in customers.

• Well-versed in determining preventative and regular maintenance needs on ovens and other kitchen appliances.

• Proficient in ensuring the cleanliness and sanitization of kitchen areas at all times.

• Adept at packing and labeling bakery products, ensuring that expiry information is properly visible.

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