Putting in roofs or repairing them is hard work. Many roofers take assistance from apprentices or helpers in order to expedite their work. Hiring a helper serves two purposes; you can obtain assistance in difficult projects and also train helpers for future projects.

Working as a roofer helper can eventually train you to hold down a permanent position as a roofer. Working onsite can be a great learning experience as you will be provided with real time projects to learn from. There are many tasks that a roofer helper is expected to handle such as unloading roofing materials and ensuring that material and equipment is lifted onto the floor by using pulleys and ladders. This job requires one to be very hands-on and possess great physical dexterity as climbing ladders and ropes is all in a day’s work for someone working at this position.

If this is the line of work that interests you and you are anticipating a career as a roofer eventually, you may be interested in the following job duties that a roofer helper is required to handle:

Roofer Helper Job Description

• Unroll roofing material and ensure that the correct quantity and type of material has been delivered to the site

• Ensure that material is delivered to the roof using ladders, pulleys and ropes

• Clear debris and other unused materials from the roof prior to beginning a project

• Ensure that tar and other roofing materials are chopped heated and spread properly

• Tear down old roofing before the beginning of a roofing project

• Lay materials for roofing and ensure that all roofers are equipped with safety equipment

• Assist in nailing roofing paper and shingles into roofs

• Provide support in spreading gravel, asphalt or shingles

• Locate cracks and provide assistance with repairing procedures

• Fill in tiles that may be missing and fix any evident leaks during the procedure

• Assist roofers in fixing tile appropriately and make sure any frameworks or boards are affixed properly

• Ensure that appropriate waterproofing measures are taken into account when putting in roofs

• Prepare roofs for re-roofing or new roofing projects

• Clean drains on roofs in order to expedite the roofing procedure

• Inspect potential problems in roofs and provide input and suggestions

• Install vapor barriers and insulation layers following predetermined procedures and protocols

• Remove and discard old roofing materials

• Ensure preventative ad general maintenance on equipment used for roofing purposes