Health clubs are gaining quick popularity today owing to the trend of people who are becoming more and more health conscious. The diseases associated with poor health are making a huge number of people join fitness clubs in order to combat them. Needless to say, not everyone knows what to do in a fitness club and even if one does know, a little bit of assistance is always welcome. This is where health club assistants come in as they provide exact and constant support to members; this may include assisting them with fitness routines and providing them with information on different health related issues.

Health Club Attendant Job Scope

To be exact, health club attendants are responsible for overseeing everything that goes on in a fitness club. Their duties range from ensuring that members understand what they are supposed to do and assisting in the maintenance of supplies and equipment around the health club. Health club attendants also handle many administrative duties which may include making member registration processes smooth and ensuring that there is a constant supply of health club supplies.

Another part of their work is teaching members how to use exercise equipment and to ensure that they are using them as taught in order to ward off any accident or injury. The following list of duties explains the role of a health club attendant in a more profound manner:

Sample Job Description for Health Club Attendant

• Welcome members and guests to the health club
• Run new members through the registration procedure
• Hand out membership cards and provide members with information on the health club’s services
• Inform members of limitations of the health club and ensure that they are followed
• Assess members to gauge their fitness needs
• Provide members with education on health plans and equipment that they need to use
• Create, print and hand out invoices for services rendered and take fee payments
• Walk new members through the club in order to familiarize them with the premises
• Provide instructions on the use of equipment of choice
• Educate members regarding the safe use of equipment
• Demonstrate equipment use for new members
• Oversee members to ensure that they are using equipment in a safe manner
• Ensure that equipment is properly maintained and locked down at the end of the day
• Replace any faulty equipment in order to ensure safety
• Make sure that there are enough health club supplies available at all times
• Suggestively sell health club’s packages, equipment or supplies as instructed by superior