Community Health Educator Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: October 18, 2020
Community Health Educator Job Description

A community health educator is an individual who works with communities and groups to provide them with information on their health rights, and ways to access them.

These people are responsible for making sure that assigned clients and groups are provided with the right type of information regarding their specific health needs, and how they can access them through different channels.

To work as a community health educator, you have to possess a degree in community health. Apart from this, you need to be able to understand and work with people from different walks of life, whom you will have to provide information on all the services available to them, and how they can access them.

In addition to this, you will need to possess some experience in a similar role, which will allow you to work profoundly, so prior experience in this regard will go a long way in making you a solid candidate for the position.

Demonstrated ability to work with diverse communities and exceptional oral and written communication skills are prerequisites of working as a community health educator. In addition to this, it is essential for you to be interested in the specifics of this work, so that you can efficiently provide information to people enrolled in the program.

Here is a list of job duties particular to the position of a community health educator:

Community Health Educator Duties & Responsibilities

  • Determine the health care requirements of different community groups, by engaging them in conversation.
  • Create, develop, and implement core community health education programs to meet the specific requirements of communities and individuals.
  • Coordinate peer education programs and initiate and develop relationships with community organizations.
  • Design, develop, and provide culturally relevant education related to health and social issues.
  • Provide support to peer educators, and interview, hire and train them effectively.
  • Collaborate with other team members in the development and implementation of health education plans.
  • Conduct educational appointments with patients, preparing them for and facilitating, group sessions.
  • Assist in the constant communication flow between patients, staff, and service providers.
  • Create, develop, and maintain productive and cooperative relationships with agencies and organizations providing public health care.
  • Develop educational materials and programs for community agencies, and make plans to address community health issues.
  • Supervise professional and technical staff to ensure that the implementation of health programs and objectives is appropriately carried out.
  • Document all activities related to outreach work and maintain social services program records.