6 Club Lounge Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: November 5, 2021

The club lounge attendant interview process seems cumbersome to us only when we do not bother finding out how it works.

Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from acing an interview.

If you let go of the fear, you have nothing to worry about, even if the interviewer throws the most difficult of questions at you.

Preparing for an interview is automatically letting go of the demons attached to it.

Here is a little help for you as far as likely interview questions and answers for club lounge attendant resume are concerned:

6 Common Club Lounge Attendant Interview Questions and Answers

1. How is a club lounge attendant’s job different from that of a restaurant host?

As someone who has worked at both positions, I can safely say that both club lounge attendants and restaurant hosts perform more or less the same duties – but in different environments. While a restaurant host provides food and beverage services to a multitude of patrons, a club lounge attendant provides the same in a controlled setting – for VIP guests only.

2. What specific skills does one require to work as a club lounge attendant?

One has to be especially polite and service-oriented if one wants to work as a club lounge attendant. Additionally, one has to possess the ability to multitask as club lounge attendants often have to perform their work duties simultaneously. Basic knowledge of food handling laws and procedures is also imperative for a club lounge attendant.

3. Is food service the only area that a club lounge attendant works in?

While not the only one, it is the biggest part of the work of a club lounge attendant. Other duties include responding to inquiries regarding services and features of the facility, and ensuring that appropriate cleanliness and sanitization standards are taken into account on a regular basis, throughout the day.

4. How do you feel about working on a flexible schedule?

As a club lounge attendant, I have often had to work on weekends and holidays and for me, it is all in a day’s work! One has to have a flexible schedule as one never knows which shift will be assigned or on what days of the week.

5. Club lounges usually cater to the specific needs of high profile guests. What would you do if you discovered that a high profile guest was involved in nefarious activities within the premises?

While we are trained to provide some leeway to high-profile guests, there are certain limits that even they have to remain within. If I see a guest indulge in an activity that is not savory, I will have no choice but to report him to my manager in an immediate manner.

6. Has an incident like this ever happened? What did you do?

A new VIP guest was smoking weed in the club lounge. Others complained and I had to politely ask him to stop. But he got antsy and threatened to have me fired. I had no choice but to tell my supervisor who then handled the situation by calling in the authorities.