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Stadium Attendant Job Description

Position Overview Fancy watching a football (or any other sports match) for free? Well, you can make a career out of working as a stadium attendant. The work of a person in this position includes performing general and specific stadium maintenance duties, to ensure that the premises remain clean at all times. The work is… Read More »

Fitting Room Attendant Job Description for Resume

Position Overview Fitting room attendants are hired by stores that cater to the fashion needs of their customers. They are typically required to assist customers in choosing the right item, and then assisting them through the fitting procedure. Skills & Qualifications Since fitting room attendants work directly with customers, it is important for them to… Read More »

Counter Attendant Job Description and Duties

Position Overview Counter attendants usually work in the foodservice industry. More popularly, they are known as food counter attendants. However, they may perform different duties in different organizations, such as entertainment parks and cinemas. The basic work of a counter attendant is to act as the face of the organization and provide a positive experience… Read More »

Cabin Attendant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Position Overview As one of the most important people in the aviation industry, cabin attendants are hired following much scrutiny and training. Cabin assistants are also known as stewards or flight attendants and are basically required to look after passengers during the course of a flight. If you want to work in this position, you… Read More »

Beverage Cart Attendant Job Description and Duties

Position Overview Beverage cart attendants work in a variety of hospitality settings including hotels, cruises, clubs, and resorts where they set up movable beverage stations to serve customers on the go. Some beverage cart attendants are also hired by golf courses where they scurry around the golf course, offering refreshments to golfers. Technically, beverage cart… Read More »

Health Club Attendant Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Health Club Attendant Job Description Health clubs are gaining quick popularity today owing to the trend of people who are becoming more and more health-conscious. The diseases associated with poor health are making a huge number of people join fitness clubs in order to combat them. Needless to say, not everyone knows what to do in… Read More »