Sample Cover Letter for Retoucher Position

Updated on: March 5, 2021

Digital media has opened many opportunities for people worldwide.

Taking and posting photographs is as much a craze as is reviving old photographs. All this is possible only because of the work of retouchers who spend countless hours retouching images so that they suit the fancy of customers.

Retouchers make use of popular software such as Photoshop to help them work.

They are usually trained on the job although many people opt to take classes in handling retouching jobs.

While there is much easy-to-use software that even a layman can use to retouch images, retouchers know their work inside out which is why many people prefer to have their photographs revived or retouched by professionals.

If working as a retoucher is your niche, you should have a look at the following cover letter example written specifically for a retoucher resume.

Retoucher Cover Letter Sample

68 Greenwood Drive
La Place, LA 77777

March 4, 2021 

Ms. Holly Field
Manager Human Resources
JBC Style
780 Fairview Street
La Place, LA 73690

Dear Ms. Field:

Because of my great desire to work with creative people, I offer my services for the position of a Retoucher at JBC Style. With a strong background in design software and the analytic mind to handle complex retouching projects, I am positive that I will be a significant addition to your team.

The ability to digitally manipulate images in a post-product arena is my strongest point. During the time I have worked as a digital retoucher for GILT, I was credited with maintaining the production of a high volume of images within the deadlines provided to me. This feat alone has awarded me constant bonuses and commendation from my superiors has poured in due to my ability to utilize appropriate digital asset management techniques especially in a high volume environment.

In addition, I have vast experience preparing images for use on websites. Three of my core strengths include:

  • Demonstrated ability to analyze image content
  • Knowledge of determining necessary enhancements
  • Adept at cosmetic retouching and compositing

Learning and applying my experiences in the real world are a constant in my life; I ensure that the wheel of this learning process keeps turning and my work shows this dedication. I am confident that a meeting between us will provide you with further information on how I can be a valuable part of your organization. Please call me at (000) 444-4444 for any further information you may need to help my application succeed.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Stella Howards

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