Gas Station Cashier Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 4, 2021
Gas Station Cashier Job Description

One of the main duties of a gas station cashier is to help customers pump gas.

While many gas stations are usually self-service, gas station cashiers are still hired to handle cash and to oversee the operations of the establishment.

They make sure that the customer is paying for as much gas as he or she has pumped and also ensure that no one tampers with the meter.

Most gas stations have convenience stores located in their premises and gas station cashiers are required to manage these stores.

In essence, their work is more relevant to a convenience store’s cashier as most of their work revolves around managing the operations of the convenience store. In gas stations that require staff to pump gas, cashiers have more active roles.

Another major role of a gas station cashier is to make sure that he or she keeps the gas station clean and maintained.

An establishment that is an eyesore where cleanliness is concerned attracts few customers; this is why it is important for gas station cashiers to make sure that no debris or litter is visible.

Since gas station cashier spends a huge part of their day inside the convenience store, they have to receive stock, take inventory and stock shelves too. 

Sample Job Duties for Gas Station Cashier Resume

  • Keep a lookout for cars in the gas pump area
  • Rush to customers’ cars and greet them appropriately
  • Ask them how much gas they need to be pumped into their vehicle
  • Assist customers in pumping gas or pump gas for them if required
  • Inform customers of how much they owe for pumped gas
  • Take cash payments and return change
  • Ensure that the convenience store part of the gas station is managed all times
  • Supervise work activities of any sales representatives at the gas station
  • Order and receive stock and ensure that all items are displayed on the shelves
  • Dust shelves and display items on a regular basis
  • Label items with proper prices and make sure that any modifications in prices are readily handled
  • Practice suggestive skills by soliciting customers to buy additional items
  • Ring items on the cash register and inform the customer of the bill amount
  • Take cash and credit card in exchange for items sold
  • Ensure that the area around the gas pumps and the convenience store is cleaned and maintained properly
  • Receive fuel trucks and supervise refilling of fuel pumps

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