Lot Attendant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 23, 2022

Lot attendants work in parking lots of commercial buildings and offices.

They are required to keep parking lot areas clean and to ensure that all vehicles are parked in an organized manner.

A resume for this position will contain information about a candidate’s ability to manage to park and operate barricade arms along with special knowledge necessary in performing these tasks.

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The following is a great resume sample for an entry-level lot attendant with less or no experience in hand. Feel free to modify this example as per your specific circumstances.

Sample Resume for Lot Attendant With Less or No Experience

Ethan Albert
456 Indiana Street, Charleston, WV 53436
(009) 999-9999

Seeking a Lot Attendant position at Car-Mart, utilizing skills in parking vehicles, collecting revenue, directing traffic, and assisting visitors to park vehicles.

• Current WV Driver’s License
• Functional knowledge of verifying receipts of cars and issuing tickets
• Familiar with inspecting cars for damage and inconsistencies
• In-depth know-how of different car models and features
• Hands-on experience in servicing cars in storage as part of preventive maintenance

• Organized the parking area effectively by marking areas designated for cars according to model and make.
• Promoted from general worker to lot attendant in three months following excellence in the provision of dedicated service.


Lot Attendant
Cars Are Us – Charleston, WV
June 2021 – Present
• Keep parking areas clean and orderly
• Direct motorists to parking areas using hand signals
• Perform patrolling duties in order to prevent theft or vandalism
• Park and retrieve vehicles as directed
• Calculate parking charges where necessary and perform cashier services
• Lift and position barricades to open and close parking stalls

City Public School,  Charleston, WV – 2012

• Excellent physical dexterity
• Exceptional organizational and communication skills
• Ability to see details at a distance
• Excellent arm-hand steadiness