Lot attendants work in large scale parking lots where their job is to make sure that all parking spaces are used effectively and that no problems are eminent as far as jams are concerned.

People applying for this job need to be extra dexterous physically and also need to possess good communication skills.

Let us see how this can be depicted in a cover letter for a Lot Attendant Resume.



Lot Attendant Cover Letter Sample


9271 RR 4 Street
Fairmont, WV 99999

May 5, 2016

Mr. Alan Smith
Car Mart
8 Henrietta Street
Fairmont, WV 66663


Dear Mr. Smith:

With excellent physical dexterity and extensive experience in driving different kinds of automatic and manual vehicles, I am convinced that I will be a great asset to Car Mart in the capacity of Lot Attendant.

As specified in the enclosed resume, I have extensive comprehension of most car models. Working at this position will allow me to work in an environment that I love and can relate to. Since I have worked in this capacity earlier on as well, I am comfortable with most of Lot Attendant’s tasks including parking cars, managing appropriate stalls, performing cleaning activities and inspecting cars to see if any damages have been done en-route to the facility. Additionally, I am highly skilled in performing maintenance checks and procedures on cars that are in storage for a long time.

As an enthusiastic Lot Attendant, I offer the enclosed resume as the first step in the job application process. I will call you next week to ask for a convenient meeting time and will be available at (000) 141-8822.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Kevin Cage

Enc. Resume