Loss Prevention Resume Sample & Skills

Updated on: May 24, 2023

In your resume for the loss prevention position, you should emphasize your loss prevention skills such as monitoring the premises to minimize potential losses.

Also, mention your ability to meet or exceed the loss prevention goals by investigations, training of associates, and addressing related issues.

Keep the format simple yet attractive.

Below is a very detailed resume sample for the Loss Prevention Associate position. Feel free to modify it as per the requirements of the employer.

Note: Do not forget to send a Loss Prevention Cover Letter along with your resume.

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Loss Prevention Resume Example

Abby Anderson
33 8th Street, Turnersville, NJ 65987
(000) 987-6321


“I offer superb analytical and observation skills to minimize losses and improve the company’s profitability.”

Over 8 years of hands-on experience in directly assisting companies in the safety and protection of their assets and merchandise. Successfully performs surveillance activities through patrolling and video systems. Active and driven, known for making sound decisions under pressure. Proficient in the detection and apprehension of external thefts, investigating fraud, and recovering stolen items. Familiar with New Jersey criminal law and surveillance principles.

• Friendly and courteous demeanor
• Strong report-writing skills
• Team player and self-starter with the ability to work independently
• Outstanding verbal and written communication skills

• Implemented creative techniques of loss prevention – Reduced internal and external theft by 30%
• [Other results here]


Loss Prevention Specialist
Burlington Store – Turnersville, NJ
2016 – Present
• Detect and apprehend shoplifters
• Perform camera surveillance
• Respond to all calls about the urgent situation in the store
• Open and close the store
• Detect and investigate fraudulent workers
• Provide physical security
• Carry out operational audits
• Enforce stock protection standards
• Conduct consciousness training

Loss Prevention Agent
The TJX Companies, Inc. – Fort Lauderdale, FL
2012 – 2016
• Patrolled the store and stood at assigned locations
• Detected and deterred individuals involved in deceitful or illegal activities
• Monitored closed-circuit television systems
• Prevented and detected internal theft
• Assisted store with investigations
• Oversaw store shortage committees for meeting compliance and efficiency
• Reviewed loss prevention exception reports

Specialized courses in modern loss prevention strategies

AA School, Fort Lauderdale, FL

•  EyeLine Video Surveillance Software
•  Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook

Loss Prevention Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

  • Loss prevention strategies development
  • Deficiencies detection
  • Corrective measures implementation
  • Unusual incidents detection
  • Investigation
  • Surveillance and radio equipment use
  • Suspicious behavior sensing
  • Adverse situations handling
  • Non-emotional reaction
  • Bag checking and tagging

Soft Skills

  • Clear thinking
  • Good judgment
  • Communication
  • Vigilance
  • Attention to detail
  • Observation
  • Strong focus
  • Unbiased

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