District Loss Prevention Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: May 9, 2018

While loss prevention is eminent in all industries, it is more significant in a retail environment solely because stealing or hiding things is easy there.

A district loss prevention manager is required to investigate into possible thefts and vandalism acts within in a retail setting.

Resume Writing Tips

Start building your resume by writing down every relevant information – you will keep on to polish up your resume as you stick to.

You may make different versions of your resume depending on the different loss prevention positions you are applying.

The following is a good sample resume for the district loss prevention manager position. Not all of the sections and areas in this example will fit your profile.

Therefore, you need to focus on those key areas where your strengths will stand out.


District Loss Prevention Manager Resume Example


Adam Walker

6 Butterfly Ridge Road, Caldwell, ID 77363
(980) 999-9999, Email

Bringing track record of preventing loss and vandalism acts in a retail setting.

11+ years of experience working in different loss prevention capacities. Highly skilled in conducting detailed investigations into the loss of merchandise, money or property. A vigilant individual who effectively manages loss prevention activities to provide a safe and profitable environment. Known for ensuring successful resolution of internal investigations. Strong leadership abilities and unique talent for analyzing evidence and information correctly. Strong knowledge of financial operations and processes.

• Trained 3 groups of 8 new employees as loss prevention officers to be disseminated to different branches
• Created and implemented a foolproof detection system that raises the alarm of merchandise theft in real-time


KY Mall – Caldwell, ID | 2009 – Present
Loss Prevention Manage
• Investigate events of loss merchandise or money
• Examine CCTV footage for clues
• Conduct a detailed investigation into profit and loss
• Ensure detention of shoplifters is managed appropriately
• Conduct loss prevention assessments
• Oversee loss prevention assessment programs
• Conduct store visits to ensure all best practices are in use
• Monitor progress of loss prevention goals

Belk – Hilton Head, SC | 2007 – 2009
Loss Prevention Associate
• Ensured programs to check and identify internal and external theft
• Directed and assisted store with investigations, interviews and case processed
• Reviewed loss prevention exception reports
• Analyzed cash discrepancies and successfully found reasons


University of Caldwell, Caldwell, ID
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice – 2005

Certification in LPC – Loss Prevention Foundation