Best Loss Prevention Agent Resume Sample

Updated on: November 18, 2019

Are you a Loss Prevention Agent who is looking for writing a new resume or updating the previous one?

If yes, then focus on writing the most relevant qualifications and achievements that helped you be a great contributor to your previous job.


It is important to convince the recruiter that you are the right candidate for the Loss Prevention Agent job.

In this article, we’ll show you how to write an outstanding Loss Prevention Agent resume.

The example below will help better understand what you can put in the summary, skills, accomplishments and responsibilities sections.

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Loss Prevention Agent Resume Sample



Stephen Walker
283 Christian Street, White River Junction, VT 77382
(000) 999-9999
stephen @ email . com

Loss Prevention Agent

Conscientious and analytic thinker, with great determination to maintain a high level of safety of customers and their belongings. Hardworking, reliable and resourceful, with excellent organizational skills, coupled with the ability to ensure loss prevention and prioritize caseloads effectively. Demonstrated expertise in conducting internal and external investigations to reach root causes of losses.

• Qualified to reduce and control loss of inventory through exceptionally well-placed audits and staff training
• Documented success in monitoring for policy compliance and management of violations in accordance to set loss prevention procedures
• Familiarity in monitoring for external and internal loss, with a strong ability to respond efficiently

Vigilant eye | Physical security
Community awareness | Detection & recovery
Investigation and Surveillance | Arrest, search and seizure
Customer service | Violations checking

• Implemented a CCTV program dubbed as Round Robin, following which external crime rate decreased by 50%.
• Apprehended a particularly clever shoplifter, who had stolen merchandise worth $10,000 from the store.
• Reduced staff overheads by 29% by employing “strategic positioning” schemes which needed fewer staff members of a more “alert” nature.
• Identified 82 safety concerns within the store and developed and implemented counters to address them.


Loss Prevention Agent
City Foods, White River Junction, VT | 6/2017-Present

• Comprehend the company’s loss prevention policies and plan loss prevention strategies accordingly
• Monitor indicators for internal and external losses and report findings to the area manager
• Provide physical security, monitoring, and surveillance to activities within the store/company
• Promote loss prevention awareness through appropriate channels of communication
• Install cameras in strategic places and ensure that they are properly operational
• Look through camera footage to determine nefarious activities and take immediate action

Loss Prevention Specialist
ABC Company, White River Junction, VT | 5/2014-6/2017

• Performed investigations to determine how thefts took place and took appropriate measures to apprehend criminals
• Conducted inspections to identify security, safety and maintenance issues, and breaches
• Assisted store management in conducting risk assessments and developing action plans
• Provided support in CCTV installation and troubleshooting activities
• Detected shoplifters and apprehend and prosecute them according to the law

Loss Prevention Intern
Universal Products, White River Junction, VT | 1/2012 to 5/2013

• Provided assistance in setting up and configuring CCTV cameras and equipment
• Watched cameras to isolate incidents of theft and alerted authorities immediately
• Participated in the store investigations and assisted in apprehending offenders
• Assisted in providing loss prevention awareness to staff members and customers
• Prepared corresponding reports regarding apprehensions, thefts, and recoveries

A.A.S – Criminology – 2011
CONCORDIA COLLEGE, White River Junction, VT