Loss Prevention Accomplishments for Resume

Updated on: November 20, 2015

Both resumes and cover letters for loss prevention positions should be accomplishments-driven. However, job-seekers often have difficulty in pinpointing their exact accomplishments. Determining which an accomplishment is and which is a job duty, is cumbersome. Remember that strong accomplishment statements are central to selling yourself to your next employer.

Good accomplishment statements should contain:

• Action verbs describing what impact you made rather than a responsibility
• The scope of your activities such as size of unit and budget managed
• Results of your activities provided in measurements such as numbers and percentages (wherever possible)

Some tips:

• List your most significant experiences and their outcomes
• Think of what you are most proud of
• Determine what others with whom you have worked will say about you
• Bullet action statements are easier to understand, so use them instead of long paragraphs

Ask yourself:

• Have I ever…

o Invented or improved something?
o Achieved a lot with minimal resources?
o Reduced costs or saved time?
o Did something noteworthy?
o Designed a new process or program?
o Developed and implemented a procedure?
o Completed something ahead of time?
o Identified new markets?
o Demonstrated exceptional leadership skills?

Identify PAR (problem, action, result) for each accomplishment statement that you write. By following this formula, you will be able to come up with a lot of things that you have done in the past, which can now be counted as accomplishments.

For accomplishments of a loss prevention associate or agent resume, here are a few sample statements/bullets that you can go through:

Loss Prevention Accomplishments for Resume

• Introduced Project Blend, an action of mingling in with customers, which decreased shoplifting by 55%.

• Implemented a constant monitoring systems which incorporated CCTVs and vigilant staff to be deployed across all stores in a bit to reduce theft.

• Led the planning, design and implantation of loss prevention training for new hires.

• Increased deterring of criminal activity by 40% by implementing training and thorough loss prevention procedures.

• Successfully restrained a violent customer who was caught in the act of stealing a pair of gold earrings, until the authorities arrived.

• Reduced hiring costs by 22% by suggesting revolving shifts for all loss prevention associates on board.

• United multiple loss prevention teams within the area to successfully identify a shoplifter who had gone undetected for 3 years.

• Improved ties with customers by providing them with constant instructions on staying vigilant during rush hours.

• Implemented a system that automatically monitored large shrink areas in stores and identified areas most susceptible to theft / shoplifting.