An Office Assistant’s responsibility is to provide ongoing operational and administrative support to an office. Their job is an important one as they manage a lot of things inside a workplace including filing, inventory, stocks and even the telephone calls at times.

Since this position requires a person to be a jack-of-all-trades, one needs to ensure that all skills, qualifications and experiences are pointed out clearly in a resume when applying for a job in this profession.

Let us talk about the most uncomfortable and daunting part of resume writing i.e. the resume objective. Making a compelling objectives for an office assistant resume can be difficult because creating a very first good impression is a real challenge to every candidate. However, a career objective for an office assistant’s resume is not too difficult to come up with as it only contains; target position, name of prospective organization, 2-3 of your most relevant skills, and how can you contribute to the organization’s  mission using those skills.

Look at the sample statements below which will provide you with an idea how to write the best objectives for an office assistant’s resume.

Office Assistant Objectives (For Resume)


● Extremely dependable and enthusiastic individual seeking an Office Assistant position with the Riverside Health System. Offering hands-on experience in daily office operations, high level of customer focus and people skills and exceptional interpersonal abilities to contribute in the success of organization

● Seeking a position as an Office Assistant with the University of Nevada where proficiency in managing front desk and office operations, and excellent customer orientation will be fully utilized while completing tasks that will further the university’s goals



● To obtain an Office Assistant position at MBS Inc. where exceptional clerical skills and bilingual abilities can be fully utilized to facilitate interaction with international customers.


Entry Level (No Prior Experience / Career Changers)

● A position as an Office Assistant with the Boston Consulting Group utilizing relevant education and skills in providing office support services to contribute to organization’s long term goals.

● Fresh and highly-motivated individual looking for an Office Assistant position with the ABC Organization. Offers strong competency in records management, a desire to make a difference, and a keen eye to detail to improve the overall efficiency.

Remember, a good career objective of an office assistant needs to be based on three things; target to a specific employer, your skills and how you’d like to put these skills to work.