Top 30 Personal Assistant Career Objective Examples for Resume

Updated on: January 6, 2021

Personal assistants will need to write a short, yet powerful resume objective to help the hiring manager understand what they have to offer. An objective is primarily the introduction to the resume and serves to help the hiring manager make decisions easily.

How to Write a Perfect Objective for a Personal Assistant Resume?

If you know the work of a personal assistant inside out, you will have no issues writing a solid resume objective.

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out what skills and qualifications you offer.

Then, write these qualifications and abilities in an attractive manner to pique the hiring manager’s interest.

Basically, you must include knowledge of your work, and how you intend to use it to benefit the employer when writing your resume objective.

The following 30 examples will give you better idea on how to write a compelling objective statement.

30 Sample Objectives for Personal Assistant Resume

1. Highly skilled individual, with over 7 years of experience in administrative and executive support capacities. Presently looking for a Personal Assistant position at ABC Company to leverage expertise in performing executive support tasks to contribute to effective procedures.

2. To work as a Personal Assistant at AAA Services. Offering 10+ years of clerical and administrative experience to add to the company’s success. Effectively act as a solid point of contact between executives, and clients, and third parties.

3. Seeking a Personal Assistant position at Welfare Trust of America to leverage 15+ years of experience in providing personalized secretarial and administrative support, with the aim of easing communications, and facilitating strategic focus.

4. Eager to work as a Personal Assistant for Workland Inc. where I can effectively apply my first contact skills to meet the individual professional needs of assigned executives. Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills to meet company goals.

5. A Personal Assistant role at Elstree School, Bringing skills in providing effective administrative and secretarial support to top-level management to ensure smooth executive operations that eventually translate to business success.

6. Looking for a Personal Assistant position at YAFN America. Ready to apply sound judgment, and 8+ years of administrative experience to provide high-level executive support to the CEO, aimed at facilitating strategic and tactical functions.

7. Exceptionally talented Personal Assistant, with over 2 years of experience in assisting staff and executives. Highly interested in working at Imperium 7, where I can offer my experience and skills in facilitating office operations.

8. Proactive Personal Assistant, well-versed in providing executive support in an efficient and effortless manner. Looking for a position at Penderels Trust to provide high-level executive support and facilitate office functions.

9. Looking for a Personal Assistant post at Highgate Hotels. Articulate and well-organized, with a proven ability to work closely with senior management to provide administrative support in a one-on-one capacity.

10. Desirous of a Personal Assistant position at The Wonderful Company LLC, where skills in providing day to day executive support will be fully utilized.

11. To obtain employment as a Personal Assistant at 6th Avenue. Bringing excellent organizational and communication skills, along with a great ability to work autonomously to provide customized administrative support.

12. Efficient and hardworking Personal Assistant seeking employment at Hills and Dales. Offering expertise in providing excellent executive support with the aim of helping improve productivity and minimize executives’ workload.

13. Personable and driven individual with 8+ years of administrative experience looking for a Personal Assistant position at Motu Novu. Bringing advanced project management and communication skills to help executives and managers meet their goals effectively.

14. Advanced problem-solver, with expertise in prioritizing work processes, presently seeking a Personal Assistant position at Creative Instincts. Enthusiastic to manage office procedures to deliver seamless executive support and help the management focus on important processes.

15. Seasoned Personal Assistant, eager to work for DP Salon World to provide secretarial and administrative support in a highly organized manner. Bringing a record of helping executives meet their individual as well as company goals effectively.

16. Talented Personal Assistant with 6+ years of administrative experience hoping to work for Hill International to deliver high-quality executive support and meet company goals.

17. Efficient and proactive individual with 20+ years of experience in a Personal Assistant capacity. In search of a position at RAMP Associates, to leverage skills in providing support and facilitation to executivess, with complete focus on helping them work efficiently.

18. Personal Assistant with strong judgment and work ethics, hoping to work for Hillview Hotel. Offering well-developed secretarial and administrative skills to help management personnel effectively reach their goals.

19. Self-motivated personal assistant with over 8 years of experience eager to work for New Solutions. Offering strong follow-through skills, along with profound administrative abilities to help the organization grow and prosper.

20. Uniquely qualified Personal Assistant with 10+ years of experience in providing complex administrative and clerical support to executives, looking for a position at South Deering Retirement Home. Absolutely focused on assisting management personnel in meeting their goals by providing excellent support in all aspects.

21. Seeking a Personal Assistant position at Dunn Orthodontics to apply exceptional executive support skills to help managers meet their specific goals.

22. Highly organized Personal Assistant with 8+ years of experience in prioritizing tasks and assignments in accordance with executive preferences. Presently seeking a position at Blue Skies, where I can make the most of my expertise in providing executive support to achieve the company’s objectives.

23. Top-performing personal assistant with professional presentation searching for a Personal Assistant position at Carz. Offering specialized skills in providing impeccable executive support to help meet company goals in a seamless manner.

24. Interested in a Personal Assistant position at Curtain. Offering excellence in handling administrative functions effectively. Passionate about working in a high influx environment, with the aim of ensuring consistent support and facilitation to executive and managerial units.

25. Dependable, results-oriented Personal Assistant seeking a job at Austin Developers. Bringing 5+ years of hands-on experience in diary maintenance, correspondence handling, and inter-company negotiations. Particularly effective in managing key accounts of the company.

Entry Level Personal Assistant Objectives With No Experience

26. Strong desire to obtain a Personal Assistant position at Freedom Makers my clerical, communication, and customer service skills will be fully utilized to facilitate the managers and executives.

27. To utilize skills in assisting the managers and staff for XYZ company in the capacity of a personal assistant.

28. Seeking a personal assistant position with ABC Company to leverage the knowledge of accounts-keeping, letter drafting, minutes taking, and staff management.

29. To obtain a personal assistant position that allows productive utilization of skills in bookkeeping, event management, and office assistance in favor of the hiring organization.

30. Customer service-oriented and diligent professional seeking work in the capacity of a personal assistant. Bringing skills in performing executive office assistance tasks, managing accounts, and monitoring budgets.

Importance of a Personal Assistant Resume Objective Statement

Personal assistants hold vital roles in organizations, which is why they need to show that they are capable of handling the work assigned to them in an efficient way. This is where a resume objective comes in. Technically, it shows hiring authorities what an applicant can do that will have a positive effect on the company.


One of the most important parts of a resume is the objective, which is why you have to take it seriously. Learning how to write an effective personal assistant career objective is extremely important.

Since your knowledge of the work is highlighted in the objective, which eventually sets the tone of the resume, it is imperative to make a list of your skills and qualifications, and then place them in meaningful career objective statements.

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