Office Assistant Summary for Resume

Updated on: June 28, 2016

Resumes cannot begin abruptly. They need to have some sort of form. And the form is best defined when a resume begins with a summary. The summary defines the path that the resume will take eventually and is considered an imperative component of the document. Abrupt resumes do not attract employer interest.

What exactly is a resume summary made of? A summary is merely a short paragraph that details what a candidate is all about – his aspirations, work skills, experiences and sometimes, achievements. One basically has a free hand when writing a summary but one does need to remain within the confines of professional decorum. You may be a great contender for a job but you still need to convince the hiring manager of your abilities to do what you claim that you can do. And this is not too difficult to do if you relate the information that you provide in the summary with what is required from a candidate.

It is usually resumes that have defined summaries to show off that gain maximum interest from the hiring manager. There is so much that you can write in a resume summary. And here are examples of how you can write one for your own resume:

Sample Summary Statements for Office Assistant Resume

• Dedicated and well-organized office assistant with exceptional expertise in overseeing the daily operations of an office. Highly skilled in handling scheduling duties, with exceptional time management skills, aimed at ensuring that all office processes are completed on time.

• Results-oriented and dependable Office Assistant with high energy background in a fast-paced office environment. Possesses outstanding organizational skills, targeted at maintaining office schedules, handling customers and visitors and enhancing organization reputation by serving requests in an efficient manner.

• Top performing Office Assistant who is known for proficiency in managing daily office processes and coordinating and maintaining databases such as client lists and information. Highly experienced in coordinating and organizing appointments and meetings, and assisting with corporate event planning duties.

• Highly experienced and organized office assistant with demonstrated expertise in handling filing and record keeping work, along with exceptional insight into managing scheduling work. Especially talented in providing assistance with corporate event planning activities and advertising endeavors.

• Highly experienced office assistant with great adeptness in monitoring and maintaining office supplies and equipment, in addition to proficiencies in coordinating and managing staff administrative records. Effectively able to maintain office filing and storage systems, with complete focus on data integrity and confidentiality.

• Accomplished individual with deep insight into handling administrative work to ensure that daily work processes are managed efficiently. Exceptionally well-versed in organizing meetings and handling travel arrangements.