Top 15 Office Manager Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 27, 2023

An objective statement for an Office Manager’s resume is not just a beautiful adornment. In fact, it serves a broader purpose, and that is to attract employers to read the rest of your resume.

Many job seekers opt not to write a resume objective; but if you do, it will just go in your favor.

There are a lot of ways that you can write an office manager resume objective. You just need to ensure that the objective is relevant to the job description provided by a specific employer.

Depending on which kind of office setting you are applying, you need to choose the words very rightly.

Mention your key talents in an objective statement so that an employer is attracted to the rest of your resume.

If you are an office manager, you will need to highlight your ability to handle staff and office work effectively.

The following are some examples of objectives for an office manager’s resume.

Sample Objectives for Office Manager Resume 

1. Energetic and dependable administrative services professional seeking a position as an Office Manager at Nanbiosym. Bringing the ability+ years of experience in handling records, supervising staff, and setting goals, to manage overall office operations in the most efficient way. Excellent team-building and communication skills.

2. Results-driven Office Manager, looking for a position with HighPoint Global. Bringing expertise in staff hiring and training, personnel management, record keeping, and clerical work to ensure smooth office working.

3. Top-performing office manager eager to obtain employment at [Company Name]. Offers 13+ years’ track record of planning, budgeting, and control to ensure the best office operations.

4. To work for UNC Charlotte as an Office Manager where my 2 years of experience in handling general office management tasks will be used to ensure smooth office functions.

5. Seeking an Office Manager position with Tetra Hurst, employing skills in scheduling projects, performing marketing activities, and managing the various aspects of office management to ensure proper functionality of the office.

6. Meticulous and accomplished office manager, eager to join AAA Company in a similar capacity where my customer service, communication, office operations, and logistics management skills will be used productively.

7. Detail-oriented office manager with exceptional leadership and managerial qualities seeking a similar role with Wilson Enterprises. Skilled in organizing meetings and managing databases, ordering supplies, preparing correspondence, and handling complaints and queries.

8. Dedicated and committed office manager with a track record of maximizing efficiency by using modern management techniques, poised to contribute to the success of Glen Dale Enterprises in a similar capacity.

9. Results-oriented office manager, excited to become a part of the winning team of SpaceX. Bringing 5 years of firsthand experience in organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, handling correspondence, and designing filing systems.

10. Proactive individual who is apt at maintaining inter-departmental communication, providing clerical and administrative support to executives, and maintaining client correspondence. Seeking a challenging position as Office Manager with Hilton Group.

11. Highly competent office manager with strong time management skills, and a profound ability to handle daily operations of the office. Eager to assign and monitor clerical functions at ABC Company.

12. Looking to secure an Office Manager position with Jenkins group. Offering strong time management and organizational skills along with a track record of effectively managing office operations and staff.

13. Dynamic and dependable office manager, poised to leverage my expertise in office management, task prioritization, and day-to-day office operations productively at [Company Name].

14. Energetic and dedicated office manager with extensive administrative and managerial experience. Seeking a challenging role with JYC Enterprises that could benefit from my skills.

15. Seeking an office manager position with XYZ Company where I can utilize my skills in calendar keeping, organization, client correspondence, and clerical support in a productive manner.

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