Top 30 Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: January 26, 2021
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A well-crafted resume for the Administrative Assistant position can sell you better than your competitors. You should write it in a way that creates curiosity and entices the hiring manager to call or email you for an interview.

In order to create curiosity, start your resume with a career objective statement. This statement tells the recruiter about your specific skills and career goals and how you could contribute to the prospective organization. The following tips and sample objectives statements will help you craft a compelling objective statement that will bring more interviews.

How to Write a Great Objective Statement for an Administrative Assistant Resume?
  1. Start your objective statement with a power verb such as enthusiastic, reliable, and results-driven
  2. Focus on your 2-3 key skills
  3. Tell the recruiter how you would be able to contribute to their mission utilizing your skills
  4. Tailor your objective specifically to the needs of the employer
  5. Use simple language and active voice

Best 30 Sample Objectives for Administrative Assistant Resume

15 Objectives for Administrative Assistant With Experience

1. Visionary and results-driven Administrative Assistant seeking a position at George Mason University utilizing exceptional secretarial skills and a highly organized personality to improve the overall efficiency of the office.

2. Self-directed and resourceful Administrative Assistant looking for a position at the Union Hospital. Bringing 6+ years of successful track record in clerical work, problem-solving, time management, and communication to provide effective support to the office.

3. Dynamic and organized professional poised to work as an Administrative Assistant position for Dane Foods. Leveraging great attention to detail and office management expertise to support executives and build a loyal client base. Well versed with MS Office Suite.

4. Detail-oriented administrative assistant enthusiastic to work for ABC Company. Bringing a positive attitude, clerical skills, and excellent time management abilities to make a difference in office administrative procedures. Poised to perform extremely well in a fast-paced environment.

5. To work as an Administrative Assistant for Northern Virginia Community College. Offers exceptional clerical abilities, strong attention to detail, and great proficiency in MS Office Suite to contribute to the office operations.

6. Seeking an Administrative Assistant position at X Company. Leveraging extensive experience in office management, communication, record-keeping, and accounting to surpass the expectations of executives.

7. Top-performing Administrative Assistant seeking to contribute to the success of ABC Company by leveraging 8+ years’ verifiable track record of organizing correspondence, managing office supplies, making travel arrangements, and multitasking.

8. Results-driven, confident professional eager to work for UpStream Global Services in the capacity of an Administrative Assistant. Offers great communication skills and solid clerical expertise to perform clerical and record-keeping tasks effectively.

9. A proactive and organized individual seeking an Administrative Assistant position with the Vision group to leverage 5+ years’ hands-on experience in providing high-quality executive support, inventory management, and in-house coordination.

10. Methodical, detail-oriented professional looking for an Administrative Assistant position at the RISE Inc. Poised to provide active office support, employee coordination, and making travel and accommodation arrangements.

11. To obtain an Administrative Assistant position with FJ Capital Management where customer care, bookkeeping, secretarial, and general office skills will be fully utilized to contribute to the office’s efficiency and productivity.

12. Results-driven, dependable professional seeking a position as an Administrative Assistant at Scripps Health. Bringing strong clerical abilities and brilliant customer service skills to keep the office organized.

13. Strong desire to obtain an Administrative Assistant position at Tetra Tech. Leveraging exceptional office management and administrative skills in a highly stimulating environment. Good multi-tasker with 5+ years of experience performing supply inventory, timekeeping, and data entry tasks.

14. Exceptionally talented administrative assistant poised to streamline the office operations of ABC Company by utilizing a decade of experience in bookkeeping, appointments scheduling, and supplies management.

15. Outcome-oriented and innovative administrative assistant seeking employment with XYZ Company. Bringing 8+ years of extensive experience performing in data entry, answering the telephone, preparing reports, typing correspondence, and providing customer service to reduce overhead costs and increase the efficiency of the office

15 Entry Level Administrative Assistant Objectives With No Experience

1. Self-driven Administrative Assistant seeking an entry-level position at CEVA Logistics. Employing well-honed skills in providing clerical support to staff, departments, and executives. Quick learner with great time management abilities.

2. Looking for an Administrative Assistant position at Wells Fargo. Leveraging exceptional knowledge of performing a broad range of administrative and clerical functions of specialized and confidential nature.

3. Poised to work for ABC Company in the capacity of an Administrative Assistant. Offering the ability to maintain office operations through exceptional communication, customer service, and clerical skills. 

4. To obtain an entry-level position as an Administrative Assistant at Palm Harbor Villages. Leveraging proficiencies in performing office support, clerical, and bookkeeping tasks. Exceptional Computer Skills. Quick to learn.

5. To contribute as an Administrative Assistant to Disney World by performing administrative functions to ensure smooth office workflow. Able to multitask, prioritize, and meet deadlines.

6. Recent high school graduate seeking an Administrative Assistant position at Imaging Solutions. Leveraging exceptional knowledge of handling clerical duties, maintaining calendars, scheduling meetings, and organizing special events.

7. Looking for a position as an Administrative Assistant at Cooperville Inc. Offers an in-depth knowledge of performing clerical tasks to provide excellent support to the executives and staff.

8. Highly motivated and organized individual, eager to make an impact as an Administrative Assistant. Able to play a critical role by supporting important administrative tasks and ongoing operations.

9. Passionate and dedicated individual eager to become a part of the administrative team of ABC Company. Offers outstanding data entry skills, high attention to detail, and excellent organizational and writing skills.

10. Self-motivated Administrative Assistant, eager to take on new tasks at ABC Company. Proficient in drafting documents, organizing files, inputting information into the database. Familiar with Microsoft Excel and Word.

11. Organized and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant with the ability to perform clerical work in a fast-paced environment. Looking to contribute to the success of ABC Company.

12. Administrative Assistant with a strong sense of urgency and teamwork. Passionate to work for X Company. High levels of enthusiasm. ‘Can-do’ attitude with a desire to constantly learn new tasks.

13. Results-oriented Administrative Assistant poised to contribute to the clerical team of Tesla. Works with a high degree of accuracy. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook. Excellent time management skills. 

14. Administrative Assistant with exceptional organizational skills, great energy, positive attitude, and a passion to learn. Poised to contribute to the multicultural team of Lockheed Martin.

15. Self-directed and passionate individual seeking an entry-level administrative assistant position. Bringing multitasking abilities, and passion to learn and contribute, as well as knowledge of computers to support staff members in the most effective way.


An objective statement persuades prospective employers to give a favorable look to the rest of your resume, that is why it holds a lot of weight.

The language needs to be clear and the tone must be confident. Vague objective statements or ones that show only self-interest can hurt your candidacy. Therefore, you must address the needs of the employer and mention what you can do for them.