Personal Care Worker Objective Statements for Resume

A personal care worker is responsible for providing personal support to residents within a healthcare facility. They assist residents by helping them with daily chores while promoting dignity and providing primary healthcare services.

People working as personal care workers have a lot on their plates as much is demanded from them in terms of skills and qualifications.

If you intend to apply for a job as a Personal Care Worker, you will need to ensure that your resume is not just a resume but a piece of art. The most integral part of a resume, i.e., the objective statement needs to depict your skills in doing the job well and possessing the right kind of temperament for it. Candidates looking to work in this capacity need to maintain a particular type of nature and skills that align well with the essence of resident care.

Let us have a look at some sample objective statements for a personal care worker resume that will certainly work for you.

Personal Care Worker Objective Examples

✓ To secure a Personal Care Worker position with the ResCare. Offers a high level of compassion and customer service capability to perform personal care and nutritional support, housekeeping and errands effectively.

✓ Looking for a Personal Care Worker position with Amway Senior’s Place utilizing natural passion for working towards providing personal care and support services to seniors.

✓ To work as a Personal Care Worker for a reputed facility applying skills in personal and medical for the benefit of residents who require assistance with daily life’s chores.

✓ To obtain a position as a Personal Care Worker with ABC Organisation where I can use my compassionate nature and medical knowledge to achieve the highest level of residents’ satisfaction.


Personal care workers should possess a compassionate nature, calm temperament, and respect for elders. Their resumes are scrutinized very carefully during the hiring process. It is essential to write a resume in a way that shows both professionalism and empathy. Since the objective statement is the most critical part of a resume, it needs to portray information that will force the employer to read further.

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