30 Admissions Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 18, 2022

1. How would you relate to someone with a background clearly different than yours and get them to want to come here as a student?
I am a trained Admissions assistant with good listening skills and an empathetic demeanor. I assess the applicants and then guide them according to their backgrounds.

2. How do you maintain accuracy while doing repetitive tasks?
I plan my day in a manner to distribute the repetitive tasks throughout the day in a balanced manner. Still, if I feel that my accuracy is being compromised, I take short breaks to freshen up my mind.

3. Which student database soft-wares are you familiar with?
I have been working with Edmatix and Quick-schools. I have a strong picking power and usually, I quickly adapt to new software.

4. Why should we hire you?
You should hire me because my professional profile is in line with your job description and my 4 year’s relevant experience in the same community can prove to be productive for you.

5. What are a few core competencies needed to succeed in this job?
Interpersonal skills, communication skills, and attention to detail.

6. Why do you want to join us?
I am a graduate of the same college and it is very near to my place of residence that’s why I want to join you.

7. Explain a challenge you overcame at your last workplace?
Last year there was a system breakdown and the whole software became non-functional. I had to process all applications manually. That was challenging because it took too much time and the chances of error were high. The system was restored in 5 days and then I entered the 5 days’ data carefully into the system.

8. How do you handle a student who applied but wants to cancel?
I try to identify the reason for the cancellation. In light of that, I guide them by either counseling, directing them toward a side job, or the appropriate financial aid program so they can meet their expenses.

9. What are the basic steps in the admission procedure?
Basic steps include filling out the application, acquiring and submitting required documents, uploading all information in the database, admission processing, and boarding arrangements.

10. Are you comfortable working with a diverse group of people?
Yes, I have been working with different ethnic groups. My school was also a multicultural school and I have always embraced diversity open-heartedly.

11. What experience do you have in processing college applications?
I have been working as an admissions assistant for the past four years and I am well-versed in applicant guidance, application processing, document completion, and student database management.

12. On what criteria are college applications shortlisted?
College applications are matched against the degree prerequisites and are shortlisted on basis of that comparison.

13. How would you rate your communication skills?
I would say a ten on ten; I have proven skills in clear written and verbal communication.

14. Do you think teamwork is necessary for this role?
Yes! Teamwork is the key to smooth admission processing, attracting more students, and ensuring the satisfaction of enrolled students.

15. If you realize that you have made an error in one of the client’s applications, what would you do?
I would immediately accept my mistake and take the required measures to rectify the same as soon as possible.

16. What do you know about us?
Gateway is a community-based inclusive institute, offering associate and bachelor’s degrees in various fields and you have recently launched an architectural program at the postgraduate level.

17. How can an admissions assistant play a role in reducing dropouts?
The job of an admission assistant does not end after enrollment. The position is also responsible for following up and making sure that the applicant is receiving the mentoring needed to settle in thus playing a role in controlling dropouts.

18. Share a time when you increased student enrollment into a certain program?
Recently student enrollment was rather low in the bachelor’s degree for supply chain management, I conducted promotional campaigns at different community-based programs and on social media programs and was able to exceed the given recruitment target by 6 students.

19. Do you have any experience in social media handling?
Yes, I have been handling and running social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter at my previous workplace.

20. What do you do to stay updated about the admissions process?
I remain in touch with the college programs and community initiatives relevant to the same regarding financial aid.

21. How do you handle an unhappy client?
I start by listening to their side of the story, then I apologize that they had to go through the grievance. Then I explain the situation and its reasons and find a solution for them.

22. How do you induct new students?
After interviewing the applicants I direct them toward the right program and provide the information needed. Then I complete their documents and application form. Once the applicants are inducted, I help them settle in by connecting them with mentor groups.

23. What do you do to ensure that the application is complete?
I keep a checklist for this purpose and I check off all boxes to ensure complete documentation.

24. What do you do when a student is unsure about which majors and minors to select?
I recommend an aptitude test or trying to gauge the student’s interest. I help them reach logical conclusions and decisions through thoughtful and practical questioning.

25. What steps did you take at your previous job to promote a positive image of the college in the community?
I updated the latest programs regularly on social media and assisted in promotional programs to spread awareness about the new programs targeting community students.

26. Do you think an admission assistant should keep track of enrolled students’ performance?
Definitely! Follow-up of new recruitments is a must in this job as it limits the number of college dropouts by enabling the management to take preventive measures if any such thing is highlighted timely.

27. What do you know about the philosophy of our college?
I know that this is a community-based college that focuses on fostering the development of important values like accountability, responsibility, and good citizenship among members of the community.

28. Do you have any experience with word processing software?
I have been working on MS word as well as windows word processors since I was a student.

29. What are the basic steps of the admission process that you guide aspiring candidates about?
Minute details vary from institute to institute but the main steps include: Providing information about the relevant fields, guiding the applicant in direction of the program that’s a right fit for them, and assisting them with financial aid and housing, documentation, and induction.

30. How would you rate your interpersonal skills?
I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. I am known for maintaining healthy and productive relationships with prospective clients and colleagues.

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